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Thread: The SW!

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    Default The SW!

    While the forum is covered with Hate this, Hate that, nobody is noticing the wonderful war going on in the SW. The big scary meta of TDO decided they don't like AA having more attack points then them, so they start a war... But the question is, who will win?

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    theres a SW ! i should look at my map more .....

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    So, they actually have troops in the west. When will the simmers from north-west follow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pouw View Post
    So, they actually have troops in the west. When will the simmers from north-west follow?

    Troops? You mean you don't win wars with population *shocked*

    We only have 22 clubbies, but they still bring the raids home

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    Big scary meta??? In SW? Where..???? Really...??

    I see some random TDO alliance and its training wings... And an AA alliance... Is this an effort to talk about yet another raider alliance vs massive meta story !?!?!? (stifling a yawn...)

    If there is a conflict there I hate to admit it but this does look much more balanced in the SW than it is in the SE or the NE.

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    I think was said with a hint of sarcasm pupps, am not sure though

    This must be the mythical, moronic beast i've heard so much about,Balanced, is not how i see it, is more like population against troop numbers to me
    , oh please tell me your ign and we can come play

    i'll show you mine if you show me yours

    Also regarding the raider alliance, TDO don't raid that much :p
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson Wolf View Post
    (stifling a yawn...)
    Pretty much the response most of us have to all of your posts.
    Extremely quick to dismiss everyone elses battles but can't even provide your IGN or even your alliance.
    Must be from the NW.

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    Let's not turn this into a thread based around some imbecile, I was enjoying talking about our quad

    He says he's SW, but i don't believe the little shyster

    Well well well, the sw is really hotting up, it looks like everyone in the sw wants a bit of AA, am not sure why, they seem to be very diplomatic at the worst of times, maybe is just the way i see it, but am beginning to wonder is there more to AA than just friendly igms and trading.
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