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Thread: How big do you want it?

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    Default How big do you want it?

    No not that, I'm talking about Capitals. How high should the resource fields be taken to?

    Maybe a difficult question given that players range from small gaul defenders (yeah right, Chesser ) to big raiders with four figure raid lists that have troop building queued for weeks and don't know what to do with the resources they collect.

    So for the average player, or even better -you yourself. What type of account do you play and how high do you think is best?

    I've done a little maths, but unfortunately got very bored and stopped. I did get as far as noticing that I can build a 15 cropper to level 10 and get more resource production for a lot less than it costs to get my Capital from level 10 to level 12.

    So if I'm plodding along happily and have culture points in hand should I just keep building more villages rather than upgrading the Capital fields?

    Harder to defend more villages I know, but they can produce more defence troops. And less likely to lose all the new village's fields to catapults than just the Capital's bigger fields.

    Easier to play with a high wheat producing Capital though.

    I noticed that it becomes even more expensive as you go on - at level 15 plus each field becomes very precious and very expensive in comparison with what you could have built instead.

    Is it worth continuing to upgrade, and if so - to what level??
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    It's not a choice - if you have the culture points you should build the extra villages as well as increasing your capital fields.

    That said, the tipping point used to come at level 18/19. Level 19 fields are extortionate; it is cheaper to build 4 extra villages (CP permitting), and the money you spend upgrading 18 to 19 is unlikely to be more than what you'll earn in what remains of the server.

    But that does depend on how long the server actually lasts and how long it takes you to upgrade the fields If you have high level oasis, you get greater benefits from upgrading the fields too. So I always try to go up to 18 (and when I was active, would get there before artefacts were released). But I don't tend to raid much; for raiders they might go much higher or much lower depending on their personal preferences.

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    What about the likelyhood of having the wheat fields knocked down though. Any stats on the percentage of Capitals that get croplocked seem unlikely, so was wondering if you'd ever had yours hit and if so how did it effect your thinking, if at all?

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    Get defence :p

    When my fields were 18 I kept them (once never attacked, once - the fields were left alone as they wanted the art. instead lol).

    If you are gonna loose your fields, it will sometimes happen before they hit 18s anyways.

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    Are you casting aspersions in my direction!? Such wanton cruelty.

    Personally I go to about 12/13, after that I'm too busy producing def. I'll try and sneak 14s over the course of a server. After that I always grumble about building an extra wh, save the res to pay for it, wake up and blow the lot on troop queues, then rem I was going to build a wh.

    As for other villages, well with the forge thing its expensive to get to l20, so the cap one is churning full bodied phal (NOTE. PHAL! Gaul and defensive tyvm) and the subsequent villages are churning lesser phal (spotted or non spotted, take your pick)

    But I'm just an amateur at this....its in no way scientific. Merely when people start shouting for def I start producing it.

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    15 is my minimum.
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    I think the highest I've gone is level 12 wheat fields, then someone knocked them down.
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    Went to lev 16's a while ago to feed small hammer (6c only) and send the wood, clay, Iron to main hammer for troop production, seems to work well.....

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    Just realised I never said how I've usually done it. Not like me to be so rude

    Biggest I've ever got to was level 17 on a speed server where the account eventually zeroed a WW (hi Sandy, lol).

    My prefered style though, is to settle as many 15 and 9 croppers as I can get my hands on and use those to feed troops, running with negative wheat in troop villages.

    The theory behind this is that I can rebuild the level 10 wheat tiles faster than you can knock them down.

    Only later in the server do I usually start edgeing up the levels.

    I think there's a big difference according to location and account safety though. If out in the sticks surrounded by allies I'd try to go more the maths route, but if the likelyhood is being flattened then the way I've just said.

    I've found hiding who I am ingame has helped as far as being flattened goes too for some reason.

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    I always aim for lvl18s. Yes, high level wheat fields are expensive but especially early on they can fuel an entire account massively. On one of my previous servers I did the "few-troops-sim-up-capital" server start and compared my res income with a friendly top10 raider 8 weeks into the server - my hourly income was considerably higher.

    You do have a point though - relying on a strong capital makes an account vulnerable, yes. On the last two servers I played I always lost at least some of them over time. The good thing is - if you only lose maybe 4-5 (I don't remember exactly), it doesn't really hurt and especially with a nice raiding income they can be rebuilt within little more than a week. If they get wiped out completely (happened to me only a few weeks ago), it completely cripples the account temporarily.

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    I suppose it depends on what type of account you are running, if you are going for a WWK my preference has always been a cropper with min 100% bonus for cap & def support vills closeby.
    LVL18 fields always seems the best balance of cost Vs return, and as already mentioned, can be rebuilt inside a week if needed.
    I have tried 3 different ways (cropper cap with hammer, cropper cap without hammer & non-cropper cap) the times with cropper caps & high fields were a lot easier than the non cropper cap, and both times fed enough without assistance to zero/ cripple a Ww
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    A 150% 15c takes 72 days to repay the cost of a level 19 wheat field- worth it i feel.

    This uk1, I got level 17s before artis, allowing me to sim up a 20k axe and 8k TK hammer just in time to take some. I then did 18s, and with all that res i could feed 90k army just from capital. Then they got smashed after my little flop..... If you play aggressive and attract attention, your cap fields will probably get hit. If you think you can make them last 72 days then any more then thats a bonus..... And if you are under attack, even if you think its a fake, snipe it, or you will regret it when those expensive babys get leveled.

    19s are worth it, but getting catted is a bummer, as its never worth it to do it again. A good combination of raiding and pushing up the capital as fast as possible is a surprisingly good start to a game, by artis we made over 100k res per hour from the account before raiding, which is enough to run hammer queues quite easily.....
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    That sounds like hard work.
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