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Thread: Artifact Analysis

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    Difference is, this server that doesn't seem to be enough.

    But each ally uses whatever weapons they have available, holding hands with everybody else is fair game. As long as they don't go brag about being one of the best alliances in UK t4.

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    Well I am glad DT is facing a hard time on this server

    And yes it sounds suspiciously similar to S6... I was annoyed by the way they won S6 by Napping with everybody they could; if that is what it takes to win who cares about such victory..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson Wolf View Post
    Oh yeah I remember you... From the SW of the S6 server (and after our little war in the Summer of 2012) you and your friends run in panic straight into the warm embrace of the DT back in S6. Still as arrogant or that spanking got some sense in you?

    Anyhow on the current argument... So you deny that DT in S6 had 4 plus wings, a NAP with Genbu and absorbed AA? Thus effectively extending their meta presence in 3 quadrants? You also deny that they did join operations with HATE during endgame? Furthermore HATE (shamefully for such a strong anti-WW alliance) acted as part of the DT meta and coordinated attacks exclusively on TDO/DNP and Hunters/DA WWs securing an easy victory for DT...?

    I could easily have claimed victory back then if we had accepted the invite by DT leaders to become wing number 6....
    I'm sorry, but i can't really say that I remember you. guess you didn't made much impact on the server But I can sort of remember your name tho, probably from the forum. Can't really say that I remember much from the server now, but when you're speaking about numbers, don't you think the two wings of TDO and the two wings of DNP was outnumbering AA (with 30 odd members) in the SW, and with Hunters/DA in NE you had a pretty big META yourself. If you wanna have a go at HATE, go at them. None in DT can speak for them really. but if you really think HATE would support the the so called biggest META on the server, you gotta rethink twice. Cause we all know the history about them.

    With Hunters/DA (NE) and TDO/DNP (SW), both as quad dominator in each quad, you shouldn't be talking about other alliances meta'ing up.

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    You don't remember because the spanking still hurts and you are lying for your lack of memory as you detail much of the history of the server in your description. Liar once.

    Joint operations to the second between DT and HATE in S6 do constitute collaboration making effectively that version of HATE for all but the name a wing of DT during the endgame. Yes it was a shameful chapter in HATE history but there you go. If you claim that this collaboration was not there I call you a liar twice.

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    Looks like someone had their hammer chiefed last night. Also a WW zeroed again.
    I wonder if they will send 4 or more hammers this time to try and zero back (so far they have not been able, maybe they need some Viagra).
    Does anyone one want to guess how many hammers DT will use next time?

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    Just to clarify it was two, salient hammers that hit the DT WW, two

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    Those hammers must've been monsters! 2 Hammers zeroed a WW with a Master Diet.. I wonder what their defense looks like, lol.. doubt it would be over 2.5 million. After getting several hammers chiefed, do they even have anything left to hit Salient with? or will Salient win this time?

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