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Thread: [Endgame] Ukx WW Reports

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cait View Post
    Us hitting Shaun this was just in case we didnt get to launch this rammer as we were holding it as last offence
    as it happened it did hit someone today (and hit another WW )


    PS Thanks to Claire for feeding that thing twice (it went on the march 4 times ) and if we dont mention her sterling sitting she's going to kill someone
    More than welcome. Its been pleasure xx

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    See that Shaun already posted it, but wanted to say a couple of things about/around it;
    If your wondering why siege is low, it's simply due to starvation. Starved Imps here and there several times, but the biggest loss was the 25k catapults that starved one night followed by another 2-3k next morning. All in all me and Tom is quite happy about this round, none of us played roman before, and after building siege on The Flanders account whole last round that never got to be used, this has been a joyful server indeed

    Thanks to Paul for feeding it on route when I was prevented to be online (bow)

    Lasse & Tom.

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    Hahahahaha.You were awesome...ish

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