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Thread: Counting Inactive players by date from map.sql

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    Default Counting Inactive players by date from map.sql

    I download the map.sql daily, convert it to T-SQL and load it into a sql server 2008 database. - I append a new column for date when I load it in.

    Assuming I never miss a day, so the dates are consecutive. Does anyone know the sql to get a players name and the number of days the population has not changed i.e an inactive player and how long long they have been inactive?

    I posted the question on stackoverflow:

    I wonder how gettertools calculates it's inactive player list too....

    If your good at sql and can help.. this would be much appreciated

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    I've moved this thread to Community General in hope that someone will be able to help answer this.

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    There are only a couple of people on this domain I can think of who have made tools - if you don't have any luck, then try the german or russian forums.

    I can't do sql, tho I understand the file (but I assume you've got that :p). The biggest design issue for you, I think, is whether you calculate that on the fly - which'll take longer - or whether you had a table of players and calculate their pop on a daily basis as well. Cos the basic sql village is just villages, so you'd have to add the villages up etc. (which is why some of the least sophisticated tools - including only show you at village level; other tools track activity at account level)

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    I'm no sql/php whiz, but here's my 2 cents.

    To do this you would need to be sure that you're collecting the data every day, you could set this to do it automatically using a server and some PHP I imagine. To calculate account/village pop increase you would need to keep logs of all the map.sql files instead of just using the one. Then use some PHP/SQL to compare everyday which villages/players have increased or decreased in pop (Or rather if you're looking for inactives, haven't moved at all.).

    A quick google search found me this; instead of using php he's using python (So I assume he isn't using it on a server but rather as a desktop application(?). I don't know a lot about Python so I cant say for certain.):

    I didnt read thoroughly but the jist of it is that he's doing exactly what you want to do.

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    I'm also trying to do this, have you had any luck? If not, it's something for me to spend hours working out

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