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Thread: [Endgame] WW/Plans Attacks UK7 Round 2

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    Default [Endgame] WW/Plans Attacks UK7 Round 2

    UK7, Round 2

    World Wonders Attacks

    Please use this thread to show all end-game reports on world wonders or on plans. Remember any report on a world wonder/plans doesn't have to be anonymous, so the more you post below the better overview of endgame we will have. You can use to upload them.

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    LOL.. A croplocked WW having Legios, Swordsmen and Roman Scouts??? I don't think the roman scouts belong to any Hawk...

    Just a thought, were the swordsmen trained in the WW??

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    Warning - irritant!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam View Post
    Just a thought, were the swordsmen trained in the WW??
    Rumour has it the only reason she took the WW was so she can get everyone to push her an army in there..

    That's even why she cata'd it, to free up room for the baracks, seige and so on

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    Quick note. Hawk doesn't work for scouts reined in other villas.

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    Please double check it, I thought the same until I checked it recently
    I am pretty sure that all the scouts sent to reinf are losing arte bonus.

    The Scouts, Equites Legati and Pathfinders are better at spying, and defending against spy attacks. All scouts in the village/account as well as all scouts sent for spying from this village/account are affected. Additional you can see the type of troops attacking you at your rally point, but not the amount of troops.

    • Village wide – 5 times as effective
    • Account wide – 3 times as effective
    • Unique – 10 times as effective

    it does not say that they are keeping their bonus for reinf villas

    and here you have an example found in forum

    The Hawk's Small Eyesight X (5x)
    Treasury: 10, Effect: Village 05|AppleShampoo 19/08/09 03:09 am <Scouting my scout village < Scouting a reinforced village (reinforced scouts came from the scout village holding the artefact)

    as you see when reinf they are not as strong as before. How did you check this?

    this is a good forum thread about exactly this problem
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    This is much better

    Please select the T4 Version while uploading them via travian-reports. Also, the reports on the WWs don't need to be anonymous, or have '???'

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    Quote Originally Posted by ayrborn View Post
    I would call it "what goes around come back around " lol

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    Sorry - I got the last report from within SIN, so didn't had its deff numbers

    the complete report;

    yeah thats right, clubs, ELs, EIs, and legios, TTs.. the best part, nearly 15k swords and 4.6k haeds... I guess they were trained in the WW probably

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    Latest attack - Such a Massive Hammer!!!!!

    There was no way stopping this attack. 8) Posting it with names as its a WW Plan

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    Sorry, Had to share! Another one of SIN's hammer xD

    He sent an IGM asking to post this on the forum; (A convo between him and someone, have removed that other person as don't have permission from their end. But as he requested this to be posted on the forum, so did it)

    'Capton69 wrote:

    THG will soon crop lock my 15 cropped im done i feel totally let down and abandoned by your extreamly poor leadership of this alliance it is kinda sad that with half the population of some of you big players i managed to fight back against exile better than you guys. I am sending my hammer to hit our world wonder rather than let exile kill it i will kill as many of your troops as i can we had countless times to smash their hammers when attacking me and our allies and we did nothing. you have fouled up this whole end game.'

    Was asked what will rest of the ally think if he hit the WW, so his answer was;

    'Capton69 wrote:

    I dont care what they think this was a waste of months of time to follow someone to a poorly led end game that watched player after player get toppled while we did nothing.'

    Its a shame that all their members are catta'ing their own WW

    Exile catta'd him this morning, and he was ignored for defense by his leaders, and he lost quite alot of fields if I aint mistaken...
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    SIN WW Update

    <3 the Clubs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffy View Post
    waste of 10k cats really.. imo

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    It's halved their WW levels and set DT back a while. The only thing I don't get is why no rammer? As that is a very good hammer
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    Quote Originally Posted by thatguysign View Post
    waste of 10k cats really.. imo
    The question you should really ask is why salient sent a 10k cata army at this stage. If they can afford to use armies like that, i'd hate to see what else they have. Then again same for DT, if they can afford to throw hammers like the gaul one in the defence report section, then i'm looking forward in seeing what else they have.

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    nice defense in place but you would expect that with the master diet , just a little rebuild i did while i was watching events unfold on the server .

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    I can think of better ways to kill that hammer.

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    Finally, Exile aswell used 2 WWKs!

    Also lost some Infra!

    Now its turned into a farm!,2394202d94b

    Oh, its also cleaned again by now, no more resources left to farm (,2394276c225) - Still people keep on sending more and more wheat!

    Anyone ever seen a WW being farmed before? 8)

    I must say, the ally that is holding the ww on behalf of sin / ex confed groups is doing an amazing job!

    I hope posting the reports of the WW and attacking SIN wont be considered as bullying!
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