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    Amazingly I couldn't find a previous chat on this.

    Anyone able to provide some insight as to which alliances always use Skype extensively on a server?

    I am asking because, as several have said, one of the appeals of playing is to share the experience and some banter with other players. Although not the only way, in my view this is best achieved through Skype.

    So, interested in knowing your recommendations for a really banterful (but also relevant info) Skype group chat - which alliance and which server please.

    Many thanks.

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    imo, an alliances performance is quite closely linked to it's skype rooms, so just looking at how an alliance does overall is usually going to be a good indicator of how good the skype room is.

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    ^^ what sept says, the top ten alliances will pretty much all use skype. To be an effective alliance (not just based on pop), you need strong communication - and skype is one of the most effective tools available for that.

    Before skype was popular, MSN was common (but persistent groups weren't available). There are a minority of strong alliances who will manage communications in other ways such as forums, but this tends to only work for larger alliances.

    While skype is a valuable communication tool, it does have a number of downsides - it can exclude people who play extensively from work/mobile and make them feel out of the loop; if leaders only communicate via skype, it can lead to neglecting forums and MMs and IGMs - which all have a valuable purpose, it can lead to far more arguments/quick/rash decisions. Non-skype methods were typically slower with more time for consideration and it was much harder for an argument to get out of hand quickly.

    My favourite alliance/skype rooms no longer exist There is an s2 one which is around three years old and still active which implies the banter must be good lol

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