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Thread: Trade route timing flexibility

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    Default Trade route timing flexibility

    There must be a peak of server activity at the top of each hour for many reasons.

    One of which is the processing of trade routes which can only be set up to leave at 00 minutes of the hour.

    Due to journeys to the target not always taking a whole number of hours it would be useful for the player (and useful for Travian servers) to be able to set up trade routes which start on any quarter hour.

    True, the majority would set them up for the top of the hour but some may move them (me among them).

    If quarter hourly is too onerous for some reason what about every 20 minutes?

    The implementation would simply be to amend the existing input screen for trade routes to either have quarter hourly slots (thus giving a longer list) or better to have a minute drop down as well as the hour drop down.

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    Would it not be possible to let people set them at whatever time they want?

    Either way, good idea

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