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    Covers are usually like decaf, blow-up dolls and non-alcoholic beer - ie not the real thing. But some of them are better than originals. Taking the song and making it your own is a big part of it. I'll start with two...

    Johnny Cash - Hurt (Originally Nine Inch Nails):
    Placebo - Running Up That Hill (Originally Kate Bush):

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    I can't say I've come across many covers I like (or at least none that instantly spring to mind). I was about to post one when I realised it was a remix. I find they're more interesting, usually covers are like a small cup of cold decaf with lots of milk, the worst way to drink coffee imo!
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    I love both of those covers. I think it shows how successful Cash's one is because a lot of people I know think that his is the original.

    I like this cover of Pixies - Where is my mind?

    I'm very fond of 2CELLOS too. Thunderstruck is, in my opinion, one of their best.

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    Some amazing covers out there I love them! I prefer instrumental or Acapella ones, but you do get some quality all round covers too...

    That website has loads of covers and they all compete for votes which gives them cash rewards. Worth looking at if you like cover songs. Or just browse youtube
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    Anything by timeflies is amazing but I love their Under the Influence mixtape which is 6 covers including we found love, glad you came and someone like you. My favourite is stand by me
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    These are worth mentioning too

    Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus (Original by Depeche Mode)

    Infected Mushroom - The Pretender (Original by Foo Fighters)

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    Moving down the pecking order, there's Sid Vicious - My Way (Original by Frank Sinatra) It's really so bad, it's actually good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Carrothead View Post
    I'm very fond of 2CELLOS too. Thunderstruck is, in my opinion, one of their best.

    Apocalytica started it with the cellos in the 1990ies, playing Metallica. I've seen them live twice, occasionally brilliant.
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    Love the Johnny Cash - Hurt version

    Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm

    Radioactive - Pentatonix + Lindsey Stirling

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    Not sure how I forgot that, but that's pure brilliance:

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    Walk off the earth are amazing

    For anyone who wishes to hear more from them; - you won't be disappointed
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