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Thread: Digital Photography Contest - Round 9 (Theme)

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    Default Digital Photography Contest - Round 9 (Theme)

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    Digital Photography Contest - Round 9

    This round's theme is


    Think macro shots of the inside of your computer, an interesting car you've seen, or even a famous (or less famous) invention, eg. London Eye, that was a technological masterpiece or failure - as long as you can photograph it you can enter it.


    - Your entry must be original (eg. it must be a photo you have taken, not nabbed off Google!). But the photo doesn't have to be new, it could be something you took a few years ago.

    - You can submit up to 3 photographs, all will be treated separately in the voting process.

    - Minor photoshop adjustments are okay (eg. lighting levels, sharpening, cropping) where the photograph still resembles an unsullied (GoT reference) version of the original, but excessive photoshopping is not allowed.

    - To enter, upload your photograph to an imaging site (eg. and PM to the host. Images posted on this thread will not be considered as they are no longer anonymous.


    Submission Deadline - Sunday 27th July @ 12 noon (UK Time).

    This gives you plenty of time to enter

    Voting will be held for 4-6 days after the deadline, and will be done via a public poll.

    Thank you for participating.
    Uk1 armies: Round 2, Round 3, Round 5
    Uk2 armies: Round 2, Round 3, round 4
    Uk3 armies: Round 2
    Uk4 armies: Round 3
    Uk5 armies: Round 2, Round 3
    Uk6 armies: Round 2
    Ukx3 armies: Round 8, Round 9, Round 10, Round 11
    Ukx5 armies: Round 1

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    saturday is the 26th not sunday

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    DId this go ahead in the end? I don't see a results thread... If not can the deadline be extended?
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