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Thread: Slovenian Teuton account

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    Default Slovenian Teuton account

    Good evening everyone.
    As title says, I am looking for 2-3 players to share acc with on uk1. It is two week til server starts, bit early, but I'd like to have everything sorted til Monday, so we can play with strategy we discuss. Since I am not able to be online all day in first few days of server this is just one more reason to get duals prior to server start.

    About me:
    4 years of experience. Played Teuton accounts on 3.6 and 4.2. This year I play Teuton acc, I was dual there, but acc owners left and I was forced to play alone, and managed to get acc to 3rd simmer place.
    This tells enough, if anyone doubts, PM me so I can give more detailed info.
    Experienced in raiding, attacking, simming, partly in deffing (sniping etc. I also have specialised deff vilas on my current account). So basically everything except ally leadership. Played only hammer accounts, so please only ones who are going to play offensively should apply.

    I stated I'd like to play on Teuton account, but Roman is fine, although I never played them I sitted Romans, so know what to do... strategies are pretty much the same for every hammer player.
    Only serious players apply please, cause I am aiming for top like I always do... this comprehends gold buying, skype, 2-3 other duals, good coordination and experience. Account should be covered at least 20 hours per day, so duals should be from other time zones- USA, Australia or from UK if they cover night and morning.

    Applications on skype: jamajka173

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    Still searching. Btw the acc. is Roman.

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    Update. Acc is top20.

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