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Thread: Looking for 1 more dual on AUx.

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    Default Looking for 1 more dual on AUx.

    Aggressive Roman (NE) is looking for 1 more dual for the 3x au server. We can discuss account specifics once we decided we are a good match. We were one of the first to have our 2nd village before bp ran off and goals are to be one of the top accounts.

    What we offer:

    1. Played for over 5-6 years now on and off.
    2. Always rank in the top 50 (would be higher if I ever had a dual with me) but once or twice into the endgame because when I'm by myself I burn out easily.
    3. I buy gold (plus if you do as well).
    4. I'm a US player in the UTC -8 timezone (pacific US and Canada) so that can be a plus to you if you're in the UK.
    5. I have Skype so we will be communicating through that a lot (add blakestur to talk).

    What I'm looking for:

    1. Plus if you buy gold (not a requirement).
    2. Experience in endgame and top 200 account preferred.
    3. Having Skype is a must to discuss strategies and so on.
    4. Looking to have fun and dominate at the same time.
    5. You are mature (you can be young but I am looking for people who are mature).

    If you think you match these requirements or even close, feel free to Skype me! Looking forward to playing.

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    Still currently looking for one more. Will be in top 10 robbers by tomorrow morning and 3rd village soon. Please message me via Skype. Thanks.

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