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Thread: Newby and Bounty!!

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    Important Newby and Bounty!!

    Hi I am very much a newby here and am wondering how the bounty works
    eg :- Bounty wood 223, clay 130, iron 101 and wheat 470 then underneath it says 946 / 6120

    I understand the wood clay etc but not the 946/6120 bit as my silver does not get any larger I know it's a basic question but the answer illudes me.....Thanks

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    946 is the total resources you raided
    6120 is the maximum your army could carry
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    Every troop type has different abilities - some excel in speed or attack, others in carrying capacity. Your report shows what the maximum carrying capacity is of the particular army you have sent. In your instance 6120 is the maximum. It does not matter which particular resource that is, the total is the important number i.e. Settlers have a high capacity, but minimal atk or def capabilities

    This might help..


    Raids are usually used when the aim is to steal resources. The attacking units make a quick strike and leave fast with what they can carry.

    Raid can also be used when the aim is to just deal some damage to the defender, without losing too much, like in a strike that happens before other troops get around.

    Best raiding units:

    Clubswingers are often seen as good raiders because their low training costs allow them to payback the investment quickly. Also, because of their attack power, they can be used to sweep defence produced between raids.
    Though the Paladin is not an attacking unit, their ability to raid resources is only matched by the Theutates Thunder's velocity, and as with all cavalry units, they can be used in early game to kill off some poor Clubswingers who really don't know how to defend properly against cavalry.

    Hope this helps
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