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    i have created many google documents (sheet) that i used for 5 years. (for alliance, defense, npc, database of reports , push ressources, calculator time .....)
    I would like today to share them with travian community.
    I will create spoilers with each subjects, you just have to click to read.
    I'm french and i will write them in french and in english.
    I've already all texts in french and i'll translate them day per day in english.
    I apologize for my english, i will do my best .

    Good game all

    (if you understand french, you will find all subjects here : )

    Link for documents

    to organize defense for an alliance

    in french :
    ATTENTION : n’utilisez pas les liens ci dessous pour votre alliance, car ces liens sont visibles de toute la communauté.
    Si vous souhaitez utiliser ces fichiers, Faites fichier/créer une copie et nommer la copie selon le nom que vous souhaitez . vous obtiendrez alors un lien qui vous sera propre.
    lien pour faire des demandes de def, de perma, de synchro def :
    lien pour voir à quoi ça ressemble mais à ne pas utiliser pour votre alliance (voir ci dessus)

    in english :
    Warning :
    Don't use the link above because every body can read.
    Il you want to use the document, click fichier/create a copy and write the name you want. the new docmument will be yours.
    This link is for every body can see what it is, but don't use it
    This doc ables you to create 15 walls, 10 permanente defenses, and as many "synchro def" as you want (don't know the world sorry )

    To know all attack arriving on your alliance and analyse them

    recenser les attaques reçues sur l'alliance :
    lien de réception des données , lien pour les analyseurs/resp def/HC :
    si vous souhaitez utiliser ce lien, il vous faut en faire une copie personnelle comme indiqué au dessus . Puis cliquer sur formulaire/envoyer le formulaire pour avoir votre propre formulaire associé à votre doc.

    That link is for the chief of defense. he will see all the attacks arriving on his alliance.
    warning : don't use this link for your alliance because all comunity can see it.
    if you want to use it, create a copy.

    formulaire de déclaration des attaques reçues à donner aux joueurs :
    lien pour voir à quoi ça ressemble mais à ne pas utiliser pour votre alliance (voir ci dessus)

    this link must be given to all the payers of the alliance. Each one who receive attacks must fill the document.
    warning : don't use this link for your alliance because all comunity can see it.
    if you want to use it, create a copy.

    calculator time to attack on a return attack (retour d'off)

    utilisable en direct sur le lien ci dessous
    you can use this link

    Calculator time with the card of the heroe

    you can use this link
    utilisable en direct sur le lien ci dessous

    time calculator between two villages for alll troops with tournament square and equipement'heroe

    You can use this link, just fill the blue and green box
    tournament square = PT

    Map of villages: defensive, offensive, artifact

    This doc allows you to create a map with some of villages of your alliance : defensive, offensive, artifact.
    Playres must have a gettertools account, and must have choosen the good type of their villages : def, off, ...
    How to you use this doc ?
    open getter, open "details members" "troops" , right to the title "table of troops", choose "all" and at the bottom choose "see all" : So you will have all the villages of your alliance in one table.
    With mouse, highlight from the first line (x|y village ... to the last line (the last village of the last payer), click CTRL C . Go to the doc, on the shhet "données getter", click on A1 and click CTRL V. it's finished .
    For the artifact : getter has not that type of village. So : you will write arte (exactly the word arte, no space, nothing else) on the cellular in F column.
    On the sheet "carte-map", you must choose the coordinate that is the minimum and the maximum, so you will have a good map. On the example area is beetween -50/0 and -50/0 .
    go on the sheet "carte-map" , click modification avancée", "personnaliser", in "graphique" go to "see axes horizontal" and "vertical", fill the coordinates you want.

    Link for example, don't use it :

    Link you can copy : click fichier/creat a copy, choose a name and the new google doc will be yours


    map of artefacts

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