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    Is there a T5 discussion on here? If so feel free to move this there.

    But is my account on the Beta automatically linked to the forum? If so, what happens if I want to tell some idiot they're an idiot and not get hammered on the forum for it? Terrible idea if that is the case. But seen as there's a scrap of intelligence here, does anyone know if a king can steal one of their own governors' oases? I had a 25% claim on one, now it's 20%, second to my king. If so then someone link me to the forum so I can tell them how far up their passion fruit they can shove their oases.

    Also does anyone know if the Ancient server is going to become a regular now? And will it be updated to T5 if so, or will it keep it's T4-awesomeness?
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    The ancient server is a one (now two) off. T5 is completely different. It's not conceivable that T5 might have special versions I guess - but don't quote me on that - and I assume the standard version should get a chance to settle down first!

    Any alpha or beta account is linked to the forum (confusingly this means many people have an [alpha] account and a [beta] account). My understanding is that this won't be the case (or at least to the same extent) as it is for alpha/beta. If you've discovered the lobby, then I believe that is staying though.

    Hmmm, you can't 'steal' per se. You 'share' an oasis (at the moment) and the number of troops you have there determines your entitlement. If you want to get back to 25%, send more troops there again.

    But, this there are still tweaks to the oasis system - it's currently on the second iteration.

    The link to the forum is on the top right of the screen (are you planning to tell TG or your king?)

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