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Thread: A large zoo

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    Cool A large zoo

    Here is quite large zoo that I've been growing for a while now in a German server. Note that I did not buy any gold to create this.

    Total of 3426 animals. If someone clears that village, he gets 7495 attack points from the animals.

    If you have a report of similar size or larger nature troop army, please post it here.
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    screenshot ? give dare to make 100k army

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    Here is a screenshot of that village.

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    Now I know the German for each animal.

    'Flidermause', ha!

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    why have you trained one of each troop ????
    and you look more like a farm :p

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    Those troops aren't mine, I'm a gaul. And yes I am a farm, gave up on the server and the only goal was to build a massive zoo.

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    Here is an update:

    Total of 4558 animals and 9922 points.

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