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Thread: Winter Event 2014 - Overview and rules

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    Default Winter Event 2014 - Overview and rules

    Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year

    This winter, we have a number of competitions for you to enter. You can win gold for some of them, while a couple are just for fun. Despite Sam posting the threads, almost all of credit (for being organised more than one day in advance, for ideas, for fiddling about in photoshop, etc.. is due to

    Enter by 31 December with a chance to win 300 gold

    Advance sign-up required
    • Winter Bingo - Super easy to enter as well, tick off the pictures to win. Sign-up to receive your personalised bingo card by 28 December, with a chance of winning 300 gold.
    • Murder on the Polar Express - Team based, competing for gold, winter murder mystery. Sign up by midday, 27 December.

    Just for fun (and glory)

    • Christmas Poetry Slam Jam - add your 2 lines worth to create a new take on a Christmas Favourite
    • Wolves vs. Villages: Mercy and Moles are generously hosting a Disney Princess WvV - sign-up closes 24 December by 7pm, so get in quick to join in.

    Rules and small print

    • Entries, or sign-ups, must be submitted by the above dates. For those events with sign-up, the start date may be delayed if it is felt more members will join.
    • In general, gold can be won in two ways:
    • 1 - A single winner is picked - using a random number generator - from the correct entries.
    • 2 - A winner is picked through popular vote. In some cases, entries may need to be short-listed by crew.
    • Where by vote, in the event of a tie, crew would usually split the prize in half, or in some circumstances and if gold is available, each winner will receive the same, original amount. No one should attempt to manipulate voting so that their entry wins, for example, through messaging large numbers of players in game, or getting your alliance to vote for you (regardless of whether they like yours best!).
      Crew can enter competitions that they are not hosting/short-listing/have inside knowledge of. No member of crew will receive an advantage over other players in any selection process to pick a winner.
      Gold doesn't not need to be instantly credited to accounts, e.g. if waiting for the next ukx, but it should be claimed within a reasonable time.
      If someone wins and does not want the gold, the prize will cascade down to the next entry.
      Headline prizes of 300 gold are set out above (and on each 'entry' page). Other prizes may be awarded e.g. for 2nd, 3rd prizes at the discretion of crew (and would be published)

    Any questions?

    If you have any questions, please feel free to PM @Mod Amalgon or @Mod Sam. This includes for any advice in uploading/hosting pictures where necessary for some of the competitions.
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    Any news on when winners and correct answers will be announced?

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    I need to be organised this evening and do the polls

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    did I win yet? My Snowman was the best!!!

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    Snowman poll has gone up at
    Christmas Tree poll should go up in next 24 hours

    Once the polls have closed, we'll announce the winners in one go (although some, like Bingo, is obvious :p)

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    Only 3 entries!! Wish I'd done it now

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    UPDATE 1: No Xmas tree poll - two of the three entries won't use the gold

    Zippy - yes, some of these provided very high chances to win gold (but you do have to be in it to win...)

    UPDATE 2: Vote on the xmas tree poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samantha78 View Post

    Zippy - yes, some of these provided very high chances to win gold (but you do have to be in it to win...)
    Last minute entry?

    Quote Originally Posted by Samantha78 View Post
    UPDATE 2: Vote on the xmas tree poll
    Do you mean snowman poll?

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    Any news?

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    Yes - was nearly done last night subject to two little points I had to confirm

    • Wish Washee - Mercy was the only player to get 10/10 and receives 300 gold
    • Christmas Tree picture - Thorsson wins 300 gold for being the only non-crew member to enter!
    • Spot the difference: Zippy5 got 10/10 correct and was picked at random and so receives 300 gold. Three other players also got 10/10, they receive 150 gold each: Thorsson, Arthuria Pendragon, and Hawkery
    • Do you wanna build a snowman - Hawkery wins 300 gold through popular vote
    • Winter Bingo - The winning player was listers losers who gets 300 gold
    • Murder on the Polar Express - Mr. Messy has the easiest win of the event for being the only to sign-up and so gets 300 gold. Idea will be saved for a rainy/snowy day.
    • Christmas Word Search - Thorsson completed the word search correctly and was picked at random and so receives 300 gold. Four other players also entered correctly and receive 150 gold each: Thief, Arthuria Pendragon, Mercy and Zippy5.
    • And the last gold goes to PinkFairyKing - 150 gold - essentially the wooden spoon, for always being the bridesmaid but never the bride…

    • Mercy: 300 + 150 = 450
    • Zippy5: 300 + 150 = 450
    • Thorsson: 150+300+300 = 750
    • Arthuria Pendragon: 150+150 = 300
    • Hawkery: 150 + 300 = 450
    • listers losers: 300
    • Mr. Messy: 300
    • Thief: 150
    • PinkFairyKing: 150

    I'll be pm'ing people about gold. Well done

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    Woo hoo! Shame I'm not playing any UK servers! I may have to find someone deserving to give it to

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    D'oh! Didn't get round to voting in any of the categories - completely forgot

    But yippee for the gold
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    So I won 150 gold for... for... Thanks

    Thanks to the mods for setting this up. The prizes were good compared to what I remember them being like before.

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    Yeah thanks to all involved. From memory it's normally 100 gold for a win?

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    Last year the prize was 30 gold for first place... So 300 is a big improvement

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    I've passed the account details onto Chris for those who have already sent me a message. Zippy - your pm storage is doing here instead :p Unlike purchased gold, you don't get a confirmation message, but you would observe your gold total increasing.

    Prizes vary - typically first prize has been 150 before, with 30 as the smaller prizes. (Certain set amounts are easier to add than others). The source of the gold and the number of competitions broadly dictate the size though. E.g. some gold is available from HQ (modest amount if shared across several). The larger amounts tend to be when crew members elect not to claim their monthly 'free' gold, but divert it to competition prizes instead.

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    Thanks sam, Have made room in Inbox

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    That's a pretty good return for about 30 minutes of time.

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    PS Anyone got their gold yet?

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