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Thread: More Ancient EU servers!

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    Why not have an artifact timer in the Info Box?

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    I played the 2x server on UK19, which was slightly flawed in that the artis were valid for 16hrs and not 12, but that saved us all quite a lot of gold.
    The use of artis can be quite expensive, if this cost was reduced, then i feel that more would be used, but the overall spend per player would probably be higher.
    I would keep it at a normal speed server but reduce the time frame slightly as an option. Speed servers are a bit intense for single players, but ok for duals
    UK19 was great fun but the dominance of 1 alliance made it a bit tedious in the end. A normal speed server might not have the same problem
    Different spawn areas would correspond to the different quads that we have on a normal game so it should work, but would still need to be adjacent to each other
    The big problem with different speeds for troops over different terrain would be planning and route selection
    I think the locations of arti should be random as well as evenly spread out and perhaps not all spawned at the start of the game.
    A recapture attempt by the npc holder of the arti villes is not a bad idea, But it needs to be balanced ( ie defensible) also done at a random time to prevent an easy follow through by another alliance
    Please let us have another AE server soon. I know quite a few players who are waiting for one

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    Please start aEU again

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