I often see articles about celebrities getting plastic surgery. I must say, it's very saddening to see young celebrities who are barely past their teenagers years get addicted to plastic surgery. I understand when celebrities go under the knife because they're conscious of their aging looks. Though, I still it's better if they just try to age gracefully. There are a also few others who repeatedly get the same job done over and over just because he or she can't ever get satisfied with his or her looks. Some even go overboard and have mega-sized boobs implanted.

Did it ever happen to you that your favorite actor/actress/singer had plastic surgery and totally transformed but unluckily, not for the better?

This happened to me with Nicole Kidman. I just knew that she'd still look good even when she's old because she had that timeless beauty. But she totally, wrecked it with her alleged plastic surgery addiction. I was so disappointed!