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    first of all. Donīt get to harsh on me. This will be my first travian world ever Iīll play. I recover from heart procedure and need to do something other than reading and writing to cover the day.

    I like the game overall with all its different things, however I know Iīm at a disadvantage without any experience. I went through different forums and tables and chose Romans as tribe and speed server.

    Reason (and again, donīt be too harsh):
    - They build resource tiles and buildings at the same time.
    - They have the best infantery in the game (if I donīt farm efficient enough I may still build "cheap" but strong army.
    - They have the best inf defense and early on I donīt expect to get hit by too much cavalry.
    - They are maybe the worst farming tribe but still, I focus on experience first.

    My plan is actually to build up (shame on me) and produce only praetorians. Iīll try to dodge attacks as long as possible and after few days look for the most powerful player in my area and ask for kind ofcooperation. In return Iīll play deffer for him. Or is this too unusual. I guess every off players welcomes defense. And they may help me advance in the game knowledge-wise.

    This way I can learn the game, dynamics and tacticts (how to build, recruit, attack, coordinate).

    Any errors, advice or anything else.


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    There is nothing cheap about Romans

    You should start raiding with legs, and then research horses - Roman cav is good and strong for raiding

    You should try to find a good alliance. If you build only praets an alliance with love you. But praets are not good at raiding. You will probably find playing with an alliance more fun and educational than just supporting a single player.

    Don't forget that your first server is all about learning and experience and preparing for your second

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