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Thread: Help me with romans please :D

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    Default Help me with romans please :D

    So I started on a new X3 (3 days old) and i wanted to try the romans (off) for the first time. Didn't played travian in a while (maybe 1-2 mouths after the T4 realesed and before that was on 3.5 version as Teutons most of the time)

    For the moment(the first 12 hours) i managed to get most of my fields to lvl 4-5 so i have a decent income. Now, if i want to start raiding, what is the better unit? Imp or EI. Will the speed of cavalery help with with farming or should i just stick with infantery. Also how much gold should i add to have a decent start(i don't really want to be in the top 100-200 players but i want to be decent). And maybe how should i use them to make them more effective(just use the market to trade for 1:2 and after that transform the extra resources in what i need?)

    Also as a roman should i stick to building army as i would do on my Teuton (i guess not since they are more expensive). Does it worth building army in the first 2 days of protection + hero and some cages/that herbs for hero to farm? or i might have more troubles doing this than w8ing for my resorces to grow...

    I know that i have so many questions... Sadly . Thx for help.
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    To answer your question really unhelpfully but in one sentence: it depends on your play style. Some people like to train a hammer and some defence, some like to do both really heavily while others stick to hammer building and nothing else.

    With regards to start game strategy I find the best approach is to focus entirely on production, or if you go down the raiding road to do so heavily. I can't justify a couple troops to do some light raiding - ultimately they cost res to build and to maintain so they need to be able to make you a net profit or else they're just not worth it. Alliance leaders may want you to have troops but I tend to try and get away with as little as required until my production is at maximum. With regards to caps it depends if you want an artefact and if so, plan your days out meticulously if you can. I started a month late in to uk1 but will still have a hammer to take a small arte when they're released.

    If you do want to raid then I'm not the person to talk to. I don't have much experience with raiding this early on. Even if you want to think about adding defence in to the mix there are other more experienced.

    Gold is up to you but ultimately it does give you a competitive edge. You can use the market to reduce your dependance on the NPC but I find it quite tedious - that said I probably spend way more than I should on gold so, go figure (as the saying goes).

    I don't think I've really answered your question there but ultimately it comes down to (cost per troop x number of troops) + daily troop consumption = daily cost. Then use your raiding total and take away your raiding cost and you can work out if it's commercially viable. If not, either raid more or stick to fields, in my personal opinion.
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    I would go the resource simming route as well. Cranny up and pile on the resource fields to get to second village.

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