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Thread: Knocking down residence and building palace?

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    Default Knocking down residence and building palace?

    If I have a level 10 residence and have built 3 settles from it already, can I knock down the residence and build a palace so I can get slots for a Roman chief (senator) when the palace is at level 10? This would be cheaper than getting the residence to level 20 which is very expensive. Thank you in advance for your help

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    No, because you have already taken up a slot from the village.

    A palace allows that particular village to have 3 slots, however one of your slots is already taken up when you settled at level 10 residence. To do this, the next available slot for training a senator would open up at level 15 palace, or if you chiefed the village you have settled from the original village from another village.

    Hope this helped.
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    No. You can get a slot from a lvl 15 palace, but the slot from the lvl 10 palace is still being used.

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    cheers guys

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