Looking for a dual for the next COM x1 Server (should be starting in one or two weeks from July 17, 2015. I am looking to play Romans and am going for #1. We have a pre-made alliance and are world wonder bound!

1. Top #5 account three times in the COM servers.
2. Was in a World Wonder finals tournament alliance last year (DI).
3. Top attacker, robber, and defender over ten times.
4. Have been playing for over seven years.

I am also a very, very big gold buyer.

I am looking for an experienced dual who is a gold buyer (gold buyer is a must, no compromises. Will be expecting you to put down gold on day 1 as with me). It will just be me and you on the account (I will cover 12-14 hours, and you will cover the other 10-12 hours). My play-times are flexible and can play from GMT +0 13:00 - 4:00 (will be playing 12 - 14 hours of those times). My Skype username is below. Add me and send me a message.