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Thread: Old Vet looking to get back in

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    Default Old Vet looking to get back in

    Hey Peeps, I stopped playing sometime ago, looking to get back into the game a little bit. I say a little bit because I'm not looking to solo an account at the level that I used to play at (top raider, top attacker/WWk's, that sort of thing). Looking to play nights with some late day coverage for a good attacking account on a UK server (I'm US timezone so I'm generally on till 5-6 am). I've always been a heavy gold player but looking to cut back a little bit.

    I always used skype back when I played but I cant get back into my old skype account so I'll be making a new one if anyone wants to contact me, either with a potential account or if anybody remembers me id be thrilled to here from you.


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    Hi I am an old player returning to see what the crack is and would welcome you with open arms if you wanted to just dabble in an account. Currently in BP on UK4 playing as a gaul.

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    I have a player on the uk3 server, i have lots of troops and i raid 3M each week, have decent troops and im looking for a dual, i would be happy if you would join me.
    Add me on skype: shaked.dahan (im the one with the joker picture)

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    We are looking for new players for top level accounts and for taking over accounts that become inactive and stuff in our alliaces ideally looking for old hands who know abit about the game etc since teaching new players is pretty stressfull especially if you give them like a 2 month army build army its kinda scary but we can teach you and find accs for you to play also

    Just inbox we we are always looking, people quit the game etc real life gets in the way people drop out and almost all the time there is a use for active players with intuition you can in effect pick up the game from most stages of it so long as your willing to take some time to understand the situation of the game and develop your strategy

    So inbox if you are interested, having skype is best cos theres chats etc can get a bit more involved I'm big on the strategy but theres a lot more people who are more chilled out etc so just message me if you wana get involved really

    We need duals for the current rank 1 account NOW day duals really please, its not my account but the guy whos in charge at the moment is chewing my ear of to find him some help cos the account is crazy... Like it takes a lot of time and you have to know what your doing really he'll give you a lot of instructions which might be a bit overbearing but its just cos its a tight ship tbh

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