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Thread: Error in a particular auction bidding system

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    Default Error in a particular auction bidding system

    This particular auction on uk19 for a pair of mercenary's boots has not only been going on for longer than 25hours but there is also an error in increasing the bids. E.g.

    current bid: 2001 (opponent)
    i add a bid of 2500
    new current bid: 2001 (me)

    this has happened multiple times and each time we swop from the opponent to me, it restarts the time left to 5 minutes. It is counting the number of bids correctly, but not their value.

    please help!

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    Default Second

    Hi there, I was the opponent in the abovementioned auction.

    Would like to add on that I attempted to place multiple bids above 2001 with different values - e.g. 2002, 2222, 2500, etc. but the maximum always showed up as 2001. I did restart my browser just to make sure it wasn't something to do with my computer as well.

    Is there a maximum value placed on certain items? Because if so, I have managed to find nothing on the forums and web regarding this. Would be glad if somebody could clear this up for us?

    Do help us out here!
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    As far as I can tell from your posts - it's normal for an auction to be extended by 4 minutes (not 5?) when a bid is placed close to the end; and the duration is only around 24 hours - there is some random variation plus extensions.

    The setting to 2001 sounds a bit kooky. There is a maximum highest bid which is a function of the average selling price; this cap is set to prevent excessive fraud-related bids. If one of you contacts the MH on the server, they can see the detail of the auction.

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    Having read another post on this subject i would like to add:-
    I have been in a similar situation where i placed a bid on an item. then for a lengthy period of time was having to place the same bid again and again as another player who also wanted the item placed the same maximum bid as myself. Even though our bids were the same amount, say for clarification 1000 silver, I placed that amount and it showed me as highest bidder but then my opponent placed the same bid and he was the highest bidder. This is confusing as i had to sit for the best part of an hour re bidding the same amount until the other bidder gave in.

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