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Thread: Which village should be my hammer village?

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    Default Which village should be my hammer village?

    This is a little more of an advanced question, but I'm torn between which one I should pick. I've settled my second village as a 15c 150% and will make that my capital. However that won't be my hammer village since I plan on making good use of the GB and GS. I have the option of using the village right next to me which is a standard 6 cropper, or a 15c 75% which is 6 spaces away from me.

    I feel like the 15c would be easier since it will be able to produce about 17k once all is complete vs the 6.5k that the 6c will produce. My other concern is that it would take 30 mins for my merchants to reach the village, and about 35 mins for my troops to raid my capital if needed. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    With trade routes set up you could easily feed your hammer at the 6c. I'm assuming you've already made a choice?

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    I haven't made up my mind just yet, I have my second village and I'm probably about 2 days away from the third village. I've just been battling with myself about which one to do. I'd have trade routes for both of them. The 6c would be a 10 minute round trip and the 15c would be about an hour and 10 minute round trip.

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    I'd go with the 6c because of its proximity to your main source of wheat. It's not a fun situation to wake up to your alarm at 2am and realise your wheat is close to zero. At that point you want it to be as close to your biggest producer (of any kind of res) as humanly possible.

    Of course, I've no idea how big your armies get and how effective your raiding is, I am only going on having sat for a huge raider or two (with about three hours' of granary space max).

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    I would also say the 6c - you need merchants to be able to go 3x to your hammer town every hour to be able to shift ~ 125k crop per hour once your 15c is totally finished...if it is 30mins to the 15c, I don't think they will be able to shift enough crop that far.

    Once your hammer is 100k crop or larger, the extra 12k crop that the 15c produces will not make much difference, plus you can settle this 15c later and just trade route it to your 6c town.

    Additionally, the 2 oases on the 15c mean that enemies will have 2 oases to raid on your hammer town to try and harass you. Better to settle the 6c and attach zero oases to it so no one can harass the oases of your hammer town (to steal crop etc) and the 15c can just become a feeder...

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    Assuming you are aiming for more than 3 cities, what would stop you from making more cities around the other 15c with extra gran capacity with tradesroutes from cap. 6 spaces away are nothing in speedserver, can't be far in a normal paced one either. One thing you do not want is a muppet playing for just the beginning to settle on that 15c making it's his cap. That would slow you down cos you'd had to waste time and troops to get rid of him. You need feeders anyway (unless it's a plastic toy hammer army you're planning), they can be excellent as crop supply when you start to run into crop issues, or to help store the army (depends on your choice). The only pro for that 6c as I see it, is if you're very frugal about gold - in that department I have little to no experience can can not give any advise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cretin View Post
    I would also say the 6c - you need merchants to be able to go 3x to your hammer town every hour to be able to shift ~ 125k crop per hour once your 15c is totally finished...if it is 30mins to the 15c, I don't think they will be able to shift enough crop that far.
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    for me as long as you hammer village with low pop, every village can be your hammer

    no need to distress with small thing mate, more you thinking more you far behind to build hammer

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    6c for hammer village, 15c for feeder. A few good points above, such as oases are a risk and you don't want these where possible. Make them come to your village with a lvl 20 wall if they want to raid your res. You also will want to demolish flour mill and bakery at some points as the slots will be handy for storage, even with great storage you'll want the space. Losing the flour mill and Bakery in a 15c is a sizeable reduction, but when you've got -80k, losing an extra 1k wheat from a 6c is worth it for the extra storage when you've got feeders with 4k-15k feeding it.

    Keep your 15c as cap or as general feeders. You can maximise wheat potential with oases and the flour mill/bakery, but if your hammer is in this village it's all potential wheat that's lost.

    For the same reasons, I'd also avoid putting a hammer in a 7c. There's not tons of difference, but if you've got a 7c with two 50% wheat oases in range, that's 6125 wheat per hour (before any pop costs). Putting a hammer in a basic 4446 means you lose out on nothing by comparison.
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