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Thread: Turkey this Christmas?

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    Default Turkey this Christmas?

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    As HQ is based in Germany, the base currency is EUR; it might be easier to compare in that currency (otherwise you're taking two not one currency fluctuations into account). Unsurprisingly, HQ don't adjust the gold prices daily to take account of market volatility.

    Over the past ten years, the direction of travel is quite stark And it can often not make a lot of sense without some idea of purchasing power which is where the Big Mac index comes in

    Using the big mac index, 1600 for 40 GBP would also buy you 13.8 big macs (at 2.89 each); in Turkish lira 1600 for 125 TL (was that the right amount of TL?) buys you 12.2 big macs (at 10.25 TL each). And for 50 EUR (was that right too?), you can buy 13.5 big macs. So in terms of what the numbers actually buy you in each country/some measure of earnings in that country, it's closer than you might think (e.g. GBP 13.8 big mac; TL 12.2 big mac; EUR 13.5 big mac vs. 39.99; 36.74 and 28.78)

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    But, it's less cheating on uk servers. As gold is cheaper here than com and china, surely we should make pork belly this christmas
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heavy D View Post

    My thread is just a bit of fun, not the meaning of life. You really don't have to dump all over it.
    I think Sam was just trying to help but yeah sure whatever...

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    The two can co-exist surely? It’s not *that* confusing - the big mac index is pretty fascinating for anyone with a genuine inquisitive interest in how to compare prices across different currencies.

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    turkey at my mother in laws on Christmas Day is likely to be a bit dry with soggy, over salted veg, so planning on a haunch of venison on Christmas Eve to soften the blow.
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    I'm working from early 23rd to late on Christmas day, so our christmas meal will be whatever Tesco's have left on boxing day. Could be interesting
    Hoping for turkey though...

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    Have you tried ordering from your local butcher? Pick it up in advance and stick it in your freezer. Though leaving it until the last minute gets some fab bargains.
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    I hope to prepare some Brazil’s mythical ‘Super-Chicken’, 70 percent breast and thigh by weight, compared with 45 percent for typical chickens: the Chester.
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