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Thread: Right click option for upgrade building

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    Default Right click option for upgrade building

    I expect this idea has already been stated but I'm too lazy to check.

    What I would like to see in game is a right click option with a pop down list that lets your directly upgrade a building rather than left clicking 'into' the building before hitting upgrade. For people like me with backwards internet this would get rid of the need for a page reload.
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    I know in Travian Kingdoms you can hover over a building or resource tile and it gives you the option to build, insta-build, npc or add to queue. It's useful for internet purposes but I find it takes a bit of getting used to. You can still view the building for usual reasons (checking trade office levels, queueing troop upgrades) by clicking on the building itself. I've not tried Kingdoms on my phone (not that I can hover on my phone anyway), but when internet on my laptop or PC has been sketchy it has been rather handy.

    I'm certainly in favour of bandwidth friendly approaches, however they manifest themselves.
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    There are tonnes of kingdoms graphics features that would be awesome in T4:
    upgrade icon on buildings
    create multiple trade routes simultaneously
    hover over items in map and get info e.g. last raid info or animal numbers in oases

    But I get the feeling there is no desire to backwards integrate these items despite TK having massively different gameplay than the response would be 'if you want these features play TK'...but I think integrating these graphical features would greatly enhance T4 without detracting from TK

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