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Thread: Tag players in post

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    Default Tag players in post

    O.k, kind of stealing this from Facebook but I think it would kind of cool if the forum gave you the ability to 'tag' other members in your post to maybe draw their attention to a thread you find interesting.

    Examples could be in the Q&A section you see someone ask a question and know someone who would be the perfect person to give advice. You'd reply in the thread with,

    'I'm not too sure about that, but maybe xxx would know?'


    'I think the answer to this question is blah blah blah, but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe xxx could confirm?'.

    Those are just some examples. The use of such a function wouldn't be limited to just the Q&A section.
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    I like this idea and if it could be set up so you could receive a pm to notify you of being tagged, this could work really well.

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    Yeah this would definitely be good. I guess its just a question of whether or not it could be implemented?

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    Interesting idea, it would certainly get people to read the thread if their name was mentioned.

    Would have to make sure people didn't use it to give clues to attack/defence reports!!
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    @wgn nice idea

    As always we are held back by old software. VB5 has this as standard

    working on a better solution. perhaps reverse engineer the vb5 code
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