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    Hi guys

    Since I've returned for another round (I've even got a friend joined up as well) I thought I would try and rekindle my blog thread that I started and gave up last time :p

    Im even less slack than I used to be so I wont be particular high in the rankings, but it might be a nice impression of a middling player and his impression of the server.

    I've started pretty late, but went for Tuetons again to try a different strategy. Im not progressing as fast as I did before, but its not bad. Im sure they increased the tutorial rewards since I last played, as I don't remember being so flush with resources. The daily task thing seems new too. I think I missed some days in error, but lessons learned I guess.

    Players seem to be settling their second villages fairly rapidly, but it'll be a while for me yet. I can't quite tell the major players/aliances, but it seems lively enough in the SE were I am. Hopefully people still do those little alliance breakdowns. I always enjoyed reading those.

    Hopefully people find it somewhat interesting. If not then just dont read 8)

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    Welcome back! Did you get your friend to sign up with your sign up link? You get 50 gold when they settle v2

    I started about 8 days late and have been playing catch up too. Though I nearly got myself I climbers medal so that made up for it.

    I think the quest master quests have remained the same, though they may have increased the value of some of them.

    The only major alliances I recognise are LC and SWM. The rest may have good teams / reputation, but they're unknown to me. Either that or I'm too lazy to play spot the difference

    I reckon there will be an alliance breakdown thing a few weeks before arti's. For me the best method of judging alliances this early is to mostly ignore the off/def/raiding stats and to look for a smart team. Trigger happy alliances can be great fun, but by nature they tend to burn out quicker too.
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    He signed up, but musn't have used the right link since he wasn't on my list. I recognise SWM but I though SE would be better to fight against them in future.

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    The daily task thing is new since you last played (was introduced on a 'birthday' server and has stayed).

    You'll settle quicker than you think - as one of the tasks gives you 500 CP so don't neglect your residence levels too much.

    I'm not sure the rewards increased (possibly more tasks on the end) but hourly income got a bump (around 40% from memory).

    (and hi )

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    Don't worry about starting late - I started 8 days late on uk5 and ranked 1 atm. The game has leaned a lot more towards simming I think you'll find too, thought for the experienced raiders out there, thats still the way to go imo

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    Ok small update today.

    Not much happening at the moment, just quietly getting on with things. Been busy with family/work but I like to keep updated so still growing steadily. I have my second village now, but I missed the change that town halls only give village CP, so that was a bummer. I was expecting a lot more, but it all helps. Certainly wont be the first time things dont go to plan!

    Probably going to spend some time helping my friend and answering his questions, while learning any changes.

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    Where have you gone!! You cannot compete with big brother at this speed!!

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    Heh I try and leave a week for updates in the hope I have something more interesting to report.

    Sadly that is not the case, although my friend is doing nicely and should have his second vilage soon as well. I've actually found a spot for him better than my own, in my opinion, but I thought people would be faster at settling. No real attacks, or anything to report.

    Does seem to be a gradual shift in the aliances though, so I guess they are cutting the dead wood. Im probably flying pretty low under the radar at the moment and pretty unloved.

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    Bit of a late update, but a few things happened. Third village is up now and y friend has also settled. Unfortunately Im being bullied even though Im a peaceful player that hasn't attacked in anger. I'll put up some reports next time so I can put them all together if anything happens.

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    Bit late, but I have been busy recently. Nothing much to report. My friend was getting hit pretty hard so we planned a bit of a surprise defence. There was a lot more offence than we had thought, but luckily it was split enough for us to come away on the positive side.

    Steadily building, but it looks fairly quiet overall. I dont think the new build order I tried worked very well so I think ill be out of luck for any artefacts, unless I suddenly find a lot more resources and a lot more troops :p. I meant be able to nab a fool one just for laughs though. Joined an alliance with my friend and also got fourth village up.

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