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Thread: A step by step guide to creating an attack hammer.

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    Default A step by step guide to creating an attack hammer.


    I am aiming to play travian as a full fledged attack-hammer being a Gaul gold player with quite some gold.

    I would like to know from past hammer players how is it like .

    1)What to do during begining protection ? Which buildings to create ? Do I create troops ? Resources ? raiding ?

    2)How to divide server lifetime (before artifacts are released of course) into phases of months or weeks and what to do during those phases ? Troops,resources , buildings , defence measures , attacks , additional villages , 15 c ?

    3)What to do once artefacts are released ? troops resources etc

    4)Finally strategy during endgame ?

    Also ,how do I optimally use the gold in the above scenarios ?


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    Just passing through but while you wait for someone with more 'updated' experience to come along I suggest browsing through this thread - .

    T4's early game on uk domains have become very relaxed and there is now 'almost' no difference in a simming start to an offensive one. Unless you have activity levels and/or gold spending levels above the norm I'd suggest loosely following LA's guide (although its dated for T3.6 so make alterations where you see fit. Note the changes in culture points mean the whole settling part of the guide should be revised due to changes in culture points generated from parties and quest rewards giving you the culture points for your first village). Due to longer BPs and the inability to break your own BP your going to be limited to nature raiding which for a gaul is less than ideal given the poor ability for phalanx in both capacity and attack values.

    If you are confident in your superior gold spending capabilities I'd suggest waiting for 2 weeks before looking at troops. In this time sim your resource fields, use trade routes at 1:2 ratio until you see a good amount of ointments being sold. I personally would wait until I gained troops in an adventure but if you are impatient the rise of ointments is the time to start building. Use ointments to kill your local oasis and raid everything with your troops. Early game, this is the most effective way to raid. I personally go by the tactic of only building troops off what I raid (in early game). While I'll allow myself to push all resources into the first initial troops you don't want to fall into the trap of ruining your foundations. By this I mean concentrating only on troops and having other accounts build away from you. In this case, if you lose your troops you'll suddenly find yourself miles behind. What I suggest is after building the initial raiding troops (as long as your confident in your ointment buying and oasis clearing abilities), stop building and only start again once you've raided their cost. From this point onwards (during early game) only build troops from what your raid.

    Following this loosely in early game, as long as you go by the basis of 'any troop I own will be out raiding' you should find that there comes a day where raiding pays for 24/7 queues. Usually, people will have built enough feeder villages to push the queues on by then but back in my glory days, this slower start has worked for me.
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    Seems a little like you want to be all things yesterday

    I would start with this: but with one small thing: skip the part where it tells you to build troops. It's not perfect, but if you have played before at all, it will give you a much better start than merely following the in-game tutorial (which is more about learning the game than maximum efficiency). If you find any of it confusing, ie, exactly which fields to build to what levels, always err on the side of building an extra one.

    I concur with wgn that for gaul as a choice you do not want to bother early raiding. It will be a net loss and only serve to slow you down. The gaul's best raider is the Theutates Thunder, which is relatively expensive to research and train when your number 1 priority needs to be to settle your second village. (In case you missed that part - NOTHING else matters in your first week.)

    In my experience, doing a non-raid start you will need all fields to at least level 5, plus possibly 2x woods to level 6 and 1x clay to level 6. And always build the iron and wheat as late as possible because they will overflow. If you are a low-gold user, you may also want your warehouse and granary higher than level 7, so that you need not NPC your crop and iron as often.

    As for clearing the oases, I would probably not build troops to do so - it's likely you'll find some troops on an adventure, and you might want to use them for raiding a nearby oasis if it's easy to clear. Lord Aslan's guide talks about when it's worth killing a hero to clear an oasis too. I'm not entirely sure whether the calculations may have changed since it was written, but scouts are your friends - if you don't pick these up in an adventure in your first few days, research scouts and build a couple so that you can scout oases to see which are worth dying on.

    Now as for your long-term plans and when to build what etc... there is no "correct" way to play Travian Get into a good alliance and find yourself a mentor. Ideally you want someone who'll put up with dumb questions and somehow still see you as valuable, but I'll admit I am still scratching my head over how I managed to do that myself.

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    I am aiming to play travian as a full fledged attack-hammer being a Gaul gold player with quite some gold.

    I would like to know from past hammer players how is it like .
    Well hello there!
    I just stumbled across across this thread as i was bored after ukx have just finished, excuse me for being so many months late. ^^
    As we played this server as a gaul account as hack and slash, i will try and summarize what we have done, and try to answer your questions as best i can.
    To start with i can say we managed to have a fun round on ukx, and upsetting the server for good and bad...
    We ended with being top attacker and best defender (with out a ww)

    The most successful attackers

    Players Population Villages Points
    1. SuicideSquirrel 31924 38 3161296

    The most successful defenders
    5. SuicideSquirrel 31924 38 1737442

    1)What to do during begining protection ? Which buildings to create ? Do I create troops ? Resources ? raiding ?
    We felt we wouldn't have much time on our hands this server, and therefore we chose not to build a spawn hammer, since it requires 24/7 raiding to be optimal (as all other raiding). There for the start up is quite simpel, just stick to the tasks given to you for the most part, except from some of the few offensive smitty tasks and so forth.
    In principle, the faster you get your production up (building fields) the faster your inc rate will get exponentially. but for the beginning get your fields to 5-6, optimal is to build on your cropfields first every time you upgrade, due to them being cheaper, and your inc rate is higher due to the 2 lvl's on the grainmill.
    You don't build troops. but you are recommended to raid with your units given to you from the adventures. in our case we had some phalanx and druids. not alot, but some, and we raided what others cleared and raided on. your priority after getting your prefered lvl's on fields is to stop simming, and only focus residence and settlers. When you get your first settler you can really raid, since they can carry 3k rs each. so use your hero and either kill or capture the closest animals in oasis, and send all your units at once with hero to collect the rs, to collect enough rs for the remaining settlers, untill you are rdy to settle.
    we took the closest 150% 15c to center in our quad

    Don't squander your rs. spend them wisely, mainly fields fields and more fields, then storage and granary space, then markeds to be able to move rs or town halls to be able to party.... these are really all the infrastructure you need, unless you are building in hammer towns.

    2)How to divide server lifetime (before artifacts are released of course) into phases of months or weeks and what to do during those phases ? Troops,resources , buildings , defence measures , attacks , additional villages , 15 c ?
    This is a great question. i am sorry for my maybe shortminded view on things since i can only speak from x3 speed experience, but the optimal diversity of time looks like this:
    14 days ressource development.
    20 days hammer building and further ressource development.
    Good players will know there is not much to be scared of in the beginning of the game, all attacks and raids can be easily countered (yes i mean counter attack), with either your hero, or the units given to you from adventure.
    a good way to start your cropper is to get production going, around lvl 5 you can if you will research tt's, and build roughly 54 of them if you are highly active, and raid the surrounding oasis, this will lvl your hero significantly if you buy ointments and cages. but you have to raid a lot to make it worth your while. but the 54 tt's is for you to be able to take all rs in a 25% oasis.
    playing offense in either race, is pretty much the same to me, so there for the mindset for build up is the same thing.
    don't make any units at all for the first 14 days. only complete cities after cities. your goal is pretty much to have 7 completed cities, and a functioning cap. there is lots of guides on the internet on how to make the most efficient cap cropper buildup.
    But the more cities you will have = the more cp you generate. on this note, i can say that we were nr. 1 pop rank all the way up to artifact release, even though we didn't buy any artworks really. Keep running great parties in all towns.
    some like to prioritize cropper, but me and my dual like to prioritize supporters. the reason for this is more cp, and lesser overflow in cap during night time. the npc cycle for a cropper lays around 3 hours to 5 hours untill overflow... and if you don't have much online time it can be difficult to run a npc cycle of 1 hour, unless you are alot of duals. either way, a good build up cropper with a little overflow at night is still better then having no overflow at all.
    we give our selves a little extra offline time at night by building a granary town after we have 10 cities and develop cropper more. it looks like this:

    when you have run storage after artifacts in cap and hammer and don't really need this town anymore, it's a fine town for holding large artifacts for lets say trainers or storages that ally can chief.

    When i divide things into simming and hammer building, it is because you get a significant amount of rs available to you, primarily to be able to run a hammer at lvl 20 production facilities 24/7 plus making queues and be able to expand city development further.
    By day 14, you should have a lot of supporters and a cap at around lvl 14-16'ich if you are a good gold user.
    If you are in the country side past 100/100 a strong way to build is to secure all croppers in your area as the first 10 towns. this is due to 15c primarily gives more rs then normal supporters depending on how many oasis they have. and they are cheaper to build then normal supporters. and the benefit of them in the long run is to feed your hammers well. but it takes alot of npc'in and online time to rotate all the crop to your cap and hammers (also makes npc'ing cheaper then doing it in the specific supporter).
    When you keep building more towns, you will start to realise an increase in additional rs, you can either spend this on longer hammer queues, gb/gs or additional hammers.
    you need to have your cap at lvl 17 at least by the time of artifacts, the sooner the better.
    if you wish to incraese your ability of excess rs, farming is a great choice. find afk and easy players, and send raidlist every 5 to 20 min. and you will be able to primarily feed your hammer which is the logical point of raiding. it's not for being able to attack and kill people at this point, unless they are a threat. keep increasing your hammer and get ready for artifact release.
    you can always plan in advance using tools on the internet, a really good tool for calculation city development, production, traveltimes and many many more things is this:

    3)What to do once artefacts are released ? troops resources etc
    We had 2 hammers by art release (more or less):
    35k swords 18k tt 1k ram 3k cata
    15k swords 8k headua 1k ram 1k cata

    and we had 50k phalanx we build, just to supplement our deffers, that also chose to build artifact hammers.
    *TT are good for raiding, but really really bad at attacking, so i wouldn't recommend building a main hammer with them, but we were just goofing around, so just us being crazy.

    Now get the artifacts you need, primarily trainers, boots, storages.... these are primary artifacts for a offence player.
    Run storages in cap and hammers. feel free to stop all production of hammers when you have storage arti. just get towns done!... setup to be able to build lvl 19 fields in cap and hammers to be able to hold all the crop and rs you need looks like this:


    We build ourselves 3 hammers. but if you just wanna start up slow and keep things simple. just do 1 hammer, and really run greats production in it, and you will build yourself a beast np. We had a small trainer we conquered some weeks after artifacts, so when we got that, we primarily build 100-200 standard production trainer queues in them. and only boosted when trainer were active. and occasionally build in the gb/gs, when we didn't have to build def or trainer wasn't active.

    your main goal after storage is to keep building on your main hammer, and to get your cap to lvl 19 asap. when cap is done, you can boost all you want on hammers which is the main goal so you really can have fun.

    4)Finally strategy during endgame ?
    Well, this part is really optional... if you wanna build wwh, there is not much more to it then keep building queues with trainer, and prioritise cata or ram (i would recommend not researching the siege unit you are not gonna build, keep things simple)
    It's always good to play as a team, coordinate with teammates, get a goal of who to hit and how. keep having low casualties, low travel distances (boots), don't use boots for raiding. use them to kill enemies or clear farms, and have main hammer raid it with out boots. unless you have large or unique boots, we had unique for some part of the game, but started out with only small boots, hitting and stealing diets, and trainers and so forth that we needed to have for ourselves and our deffers.
    but make a plan of what you wanna do with hammers, and don't mind loosing them or loose some of them, they can be rebuild, even as gaul, though it is harder then for a teuton.

    Also ,how do I optimally use the gold in the above scenarios ?
    Always spend your gold with common sense, don't waste it.
    In the beginning we completed a lot of field lvl's to get increased income (the faster they get lvl'ed the faster you produce more rs) but after city 3 was completed, we sticked to just simming up the towns untill lvl 7 fields and then golded the last lvl's, untill in the end we just simmed everything slowly, because we had the inc we needed.
    your main goal with having high storages after artifacts, is that you don't ahve to npc as much... send crop to the place with the highest granary capacity and your gold usage will be less... but it always costs like 300-600 gold to autocomplete your storages for cap and hammers. just the way it is. but otherwise you can always move the rs around...

    well i am not sure if this helped at all, if i managed to say half of the things you could say regarding an off account, and people always do it differently, and this is by far the holy grail... it is just some random input you can use or not.
    with love


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    Fnug forgot about a few things about our tactics. That if you are a moderate-high gold user. As he said good players need nearly 0 troops the first 14~16 day. At this stage is only some teuton that will try and raid you. They are best stopped with counter attack them with heroes. If they are good players they would be smart enough not to attack an active gaul in early game, why you might ask? Good players know that resourses is the main focus and know that keep the losses in troops as close to zero as possible.

    Wgn posted that you should buy ointments when you have troops. I suggest otherwise. When the auctionhouse Open. The first day its loads of ointments for sale. Buy as many ointments (1500~2000), book of wisdom (+40) and cages if you Can.
    I actually think that The new market in t4,4 with alot less items for sale hurt small non-gold to semi gold players more then it Was in t 4,2. Back then they could buy some items and get more silver selling things then now.
    Dont overpay on cages like 95 % of players do.
    You only use cages for takeing the strong animals.
    Okey as gaul you need 54 TT to raid the oasis with (teution 138 clubbs) this is pretty much all the troops you need first 15 days. Unless you build a spawnhammer. If you do you should keep raiding and invest in more troops in spawn.
    But your capital and that area should only focus on resourse fields. As a high gold user we like to first in a new village after village 3 use gold to complete mainbuildings to 15 and storages to lvl 12~14. And then sim lvl 1-7 always building crop first. After all fields are done you sim market, and get a townhall to lvl 10 for party, heroes mansion to 10. We always complete a Supporter before moving to next.

    This started to sound to much like fnugs guide.
    Back to things he missed. In spawn a really good income if you afford to npc is to offer crop 2:1 in market. Alot of non-gold players end up with to much crop. And you can have your merchants out 24/7 bringing crop back to you. This Will give your spawn 20~25 k extra/hour. This is as much as some top raiders during The first 2 weeks. And you have no upkeep and no troop losses.

    Many inexperiensd allys in earlygame have Rules about troopratio 4:1 etc. This is the most stupied thing i can think of and say nothing at all about an account. Resourse produktion is everything. Chooseing good location to settle etc. For example as people before said building troops to early will slow down your development of new villages. Alot think that troops beat pop and they think the simcity players have no idea. Well the differense of haveing 5~6 villages vs 15 villages at Day 15 is 250 k resourses/hour. EVERY hour of the day. Lets say you are offense and been raiding from start and building your hammer and day 15 hej 30~50 k offense troops. And then you meet a for example a defensive gaul with 15 villages. Day 15 he have 0 troops. Day 16 he will have 18 k phalanxes day 17 he hav e36 k day 18 have 54 k day 19 have 72 k. You see How fast a 5~6 villages offense account hammer become to small to clean defense.
    This is what truly makes the divideing factor between top players and semi good players. Its when you finally understand this you will evelop as a player. We have meet so many players that have been playing 5~6 years and say they know it all and are good players. And are extream narrowminded when we try to teach them this and wont listen. These players will always end up as a deffer with 300~400 k deff and offense a small 150~200 k hammer. But just doing a few things different spend gold on right things you can double the amount of troops you can build.

    The game is based on 3 elements is my belife. Gold, onlinetime and skill. You can succed with 2 of the elements. Like skill and gold makes up for low onlinetime. High onlinetime and skill makes up for low gold. If you only have 1 of the things you wont succed. I think 85 % of the game is acrivity moveing around resourse, sim nonstop etc. 10 % skill and 5 % gold. Alot of People thinks that gold is everything. And we have tried to teach and take on players like that. People clameing they would be best in world if they only had some gold. This is so totally wrong its hard to understand and often end up with them quitting when they realize How much effort and time that is put in from high gold users.

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