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Thread: Pushing more people away from the forum?

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    Default Pushing more people away from the forum?

    After over 2000 posts on this forum I now have to wait for my posts to be approved, what is this about?

    I can understand it for new comings up to x amount of posts or even someone who's infracted often!

    We trying to make things even more quiet on here?

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    I have no idea what went wrong, are you getting this issue for all forums areas????


    judging by the moderation queue it looks like some how everyone lost permission to post for a period between yesterday and today

    having used 3 different test account they can all post now
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    I just had this as well (messaged Chris before noticing this thread).

    Had the same pop up and I'm also showing as a new member. in my little icon thingy on the left???

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