We are two players (AU and Swiss) looking to potentially start a dual account on the upcoming uk1 server (16th March start) We will be using gold, and we intent to play a top tier account on the server.

We will be either Roman or Gaul (still undecided). We have pretty decent coverage so far, but it would be improved if we could find someone from the uk (to cover mornings GB time) and/or someone from the US (to cover US evening time).

About me..
I've been on and off travian for the best part of 6 years. I have played equally on dual accounts and by myself.. My dual account history is mostly on com/us servers (Ruthless Raider, Ulquiomaru are the main acc names used ,, #1) where I have been a part of a rank 1 account for every stage of the game.

The other player on the account is less experienced than myself, but we work exceptionally well together.

Playing solo is relatively fresh for me, I just play on the small au servers (easy to manage but boring).

Skype is essential, as too are communication skills.

Please send me a PM on this forum (I also use the same forum name for US/AU/COM forums afaik), and tell us a little about yourself, and we'll get back to you.

(Also if there are any existing serious alliances planning on playing uk1 please drop us a line too)