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    Here's a crazy idea for improvement.

    I have noticed that the rules are applied arbitrarily by Multi hunter and Admin. For the same or similar offenses, one banned player seems to get 24+ hours of silence from the MH, followed by shamelessly rude responses and an overt unwillingness to look into the case. Others get a response within a few hours, (apparently) have their case seriously investigated and get out of the ban in no-time.

    Likewise, for similar offenses, one player may get a 5% penalty, while the other gets off the hook without penalties.

    Since this is becoming a pattern (at least on, I think something should be done to improve the equality of treatment. I have noticed this inconsistent application of the game rules on 3 occasions now on a single s5 server. The double standards, besides being unfair, are affecting (and have affected) the game significantly.

    Here's my crazy idea:
    - Apply a single standard to all bans
    - Put the rules in writing, without MH discretion in the interpretation, so everyone can verify them and expect them to be applied consistently

    Thanks for taking measures to make the rules applied evenly in the future.

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    The punishment guidelines for an offense very depending on the offense, whether it is a repeat offense, stage of server etc.

    The crew have 24 hours to respond to each message, Sending multiple replys to a message resets the clock and moves you down the ticket queue.

    If you have an issue with a punishment you have received you should contact the community manager. The crew will not discuss other players punishments with you.

    Discussion of bans and punishments is not permitted on the forum I.A.W Forum Rules as a result this thread has been locked.

    Who to contact for an ingame issue:

    Who to contact for a forum issue:
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