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Thread: Troop merging?

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    Default Troop merging?

    Why is there so little information about this? I have a few concerns that I simply can't find anything on.

    If I send troops from a village that has those troops in level 0, to a village that has the same troop in level 20 and then merge them, will they become level 20 as well?

    Is there any limit to this, or can I just constantly train clubs in 40 villages and merge them all in one giant 10 million hammer?

    Is the cost always 20 gold to merge (like in the announcement) or is it based on the resource cost?

    Are you planning to improve small trainers when this becomes available? Because this change will (if limitless) make large/unique trainers infinitely better than the small ones.


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    Troops gain the level of village they're merged into, so in your example they would become level 20. No limit aside from not being able to merge chiefs and the size of your wallet. Cost is based on the amount of troops, so if you wanted 7k swords instead of the 700 from announcement it should be 200 gold. No idea on the last one but i'd guess not.
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    Atleast it will be expensive in terms of gold... But it will still be better than using a great stable/barracks since the double cost means it will cost the same, but can be used from multiple villages... Meh change.
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    merging 70k troops.. 2k gold.
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    You can find all things related in this guide... hopefully. If there's something you want to know not mentioned, please do say!

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    You can find all things related in this guide... hopefully. If there's something you want to know not mentioned, please do say!
    Thankyou, this is very helpful!

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