The Lord Aslan account is joining the tournament server- for the first time since the very first tournament.

For those not aware, I've been back for a few months, currently on uk5 where WW plans are being released.

GASP shock horror yes I've made it to the end of the server (many thanks to Steve and Ryder my current duals).

For any of you that have played with me before and somewhat enjoyed the experience, this is an opportunity for you to once more join the Lord Aslan account.

I will personally be putting in a minimum of 1600 gold a month, so gold buyers are not required.

If there are any pre-arranged alliances joining from the UK, please contact me. I will not be founding an alliance.

Contact via PM please.

If you are interested in playing on the Lord Aslan account and you haven't been a dual before, please send your resume with at-least two references, including a reference from a forum member that registered before 2010.

Thank you.