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Thread: UK 5 WW Reports

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    Default UK 5 WW Reports

    UK 5, ROUND 8

    Please use this thread to show all end-game reports on world wonders or on plans. Remember any report on a world wonder/plans doesn't have to be anonymous, so the more you post below the better overview of endgame we will have. You can use to upload them.

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    good hit indeed and nice lot of troops but wheres the cats?

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    We weren't going to go on WW system therefore such picture
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    Last fight of the server.
    defense х 5:,337809cea9d
    Unfortunately, our opportunities aren't boundless, hasn't dropped down near 100k a deff to hold an artifact
    After that have broken our Wonder of the world:,3378175e588

    I apologize that in reports there are no data on destructions, in principle the attacking party can lay out.
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    hits on the x5 that i have,337089f368a

    - - - Updated - - -

    hits on the ww that i have ( on olympia ),3371034485e

    dont have camelot hits, though it was a good laugh!

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    be nice to see the hits on camelot, so camelot lot get them posted

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    A decent amount of defence we put in the 5x, compared to the defence we are seeing on the server, but not enough to match up to the hammers sent on it.

    Congrats to the NE on a deserved win.
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    A bit late coming in, thought Ryder would have posted this as it was his crazy attack lol!

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    tbh when i saw our first hammer hit on the x5 i thought damn we wont get it but seems more then i knew was sent
    my hammer was the rammer on the ww, not bad for a deffer we had 2 anvils too.
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