This topic regards the US server

Greetings dear players.
13th of June 2016 19:00 GMT -04:00 the speed 3 server starts as the new USx.

We are currently 2 Swedish professional players looking to gather up a team with people from different time zones to rock this server and be best. We are searching players that is active, living in US, India, Australia or a different timezone than UTC+01:00.

We require from you:

-Active at least 4 hours a day
-Experienced raider
-Experienced Teuton
-Can buy at least some gold during the round
-Different timezone than UTC+01:00
-Have Skype

If this interests you then welcome to our team!
Add me on Skype only if you think you can fulfil all requirements above. My ID is: owlier.pixie