Who should you contact when you need help with the Forum?

Wish to make a suggestion?
  • Step 1: Post your idea in the Ideas Section to allow other users to comment and support it
  • Step 2: Alert a member of staff to the positive feedback for your idea and see if it can be implemented
  • OR: you can message a forum staff member with your thoughts if you want a one-on-one exchange

Problematic posts or users?
  • Step 1: Report the content of a post or private message using the report button
  • Step 2: If you want to discuss a problematic post/thread, contact the Moderator for that forum
  • Step 3: To complain about a user you find particularly problematic and feel could benefit from some words with a staff member, please contact a Super Moderator or Forum Admin and your complaint will be handled discreetly
  • Note: You will not be informed of the way it was dealt with or the punishment given

Not happy with a Moderator's actions?
  • Step 1: Contact the Moderator in question to discuss the problem you have with them
  • Step 2: If this doesn't work, contact a Super Moderator and forward all correspondence so far
  • Step 3: Still unsatisfied? Please refer all communication to a Forum Administrator via email to forum@travian.co.uk
    You can find a list of the relevant forum staff here.

Nothing else has worked?
  • Step 1: If you have exhausted the above channels, and only after you have followed these steps, please contact the overall UK Administrator admin@travian.co.uk with the issue. If you haven't gone through the right channels you may be directed back to a Moderator or Super Moderator.
  • Step 2: If you have contacted absolutely everyone on the UK domain who could help you, but you don't feel that your problem has been resolved, you can visit Travian Games to contact the company Head Quarters in Germany. In the interests of efficiency, you should first try to go through the UK staff procedure to resolve any issues.


Travian UK Forum Team