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Thread: Experienced player in all tribes from india.

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    Default Experienced player in all tribes from india.

    Hi there,
    I am availalble to dual for the upcoming UK server atarting from 5 aug. I have experience of playing 4 servers before. I prefer to play with teuts and romans. pls drop a reply here if anybody is interested before 5 aug.


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    Hello Assassins, I am looking for a dual as well for the UK server that starts on the 5th of August. I am from the US. I played in several severs in the past but took a break from Travian for the past 2 years. I have played with Tuets before but I am experienced, aggressive, Gaul player. I once was the top raider, as a Gual and with a part-time dual, for several months on US server 5.

    If you are interested in dualing or have any other questions, please let me know.


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    Would you like to play with me next ukx server, Camanimal?

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