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Thread: Best Defence Report of UK S5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loric View Post
    Make sure you target it in the first wave

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    Bahaha! I did mean the TC but I suppose we could get a bit Schneke with it

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    does make me laugh, all these people deleting and borging their hammers, none of them stop and think about helping the people they've been working with for the last three months and clearing a WW for them ^^
    tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

    listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?

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    I Agree with you Mutley, never known a server in which so many have just decided to stop playing.

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    A cheeky steal attempt on the Unique Haste minutes before plans release,448827cb82e

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