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Thread: What happened to the good old fair play

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    Default What happened to the good old fair play

    I really have no idea why some people don't message raiders regarding that they chiefed villages and they instatly get troops inside. It's really not that hard to message them.,36393078478,36393353128


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    There are a couple reasons why people don't inform raiders of a chiefed village, ranging from spite to just not being online when the chiefing happens. I'll explain a couple of them.

    Some people just want to watch the world burn, they def chiefed villages for giggles. Others want hero exp and think that deffing a chiefed village is an easy way to get it. Yet others just don't know the etiquette and panic when they see the incoming on the village and think the village is going to be re-chief, these people are typically new to the game. The last group ill mention are people who send chiefs at inactive villages that land overnight and arent awake to move the troops that they sent with the chiefs to capture the village.

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    It's not about not knowing the reasons Steve... I know them very well, but still i think it's a noobish way to destroy enemy or worse allied troops. And yeah i agree with your first explanition that some people fun seems to be deffending Chiefed villages . I just hope that other times i will see sooner those chiefed villages, cause loosing axemans would hurt me much more then losing those cheap clubs . And as i said it's not that hard to IGM us: a lot of people is doing this, but those who don't are really pain in the ass

    Thanks, and have great time playing server i really hope it will get more interesting when artifacts come ^^, but knowing the reason that there are only 500 active players i guess i won't change much :C. But hope dies last, or what is saying

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