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Thread: Travian Legends UK - New Administrative Structure

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    Default Travian Legends UK - New Administrative Structure


    This seems to be the point in time and place where I should introduce myself. Most people know me as The Moment You Know (and also The Old Wolf) from the Travian US Forums. Many people that I've played Travian on .US and .COM gameworlds since 2007 also know me as Feanor.

    In the new administrative structure for Travian Legends I am assuming the role of Customer Service Manager for Travian Legends US and Travian Legends UK. In the past I've been a Multihunter, Head Multihunter for both Travian Legends US and Travian Legends South Africa and more recently, Community Manager for Travian Kingdoms US.

    My role is to lead and supervise the ingame teams of Multihunters and Supporters. These are the people that respond to your requests from ingame and who oversee the gameworlds to ensure fair and even play for all. The change in structure will allow this team to focus on ingame needs and active player requests.

    We have a great team who understand the intricacies of the game as well as most of the basic gotchas of which new players run afoul. They're serious about their roles and have proven many times that they want the best game possible for everyone.

    If you have questions or problems with items ingame, please contact me at / or feel free to send me a PM here on the forums.

    Thank you and have fun.

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    Hey Folks

    Now its my turn. For those who dont know me already, Im Matt although i generally lurk on servers as Drillbit.

    As Feanor explained the administrative structure has changed. I am assuming the role of Community Manager for the UK and US domains.
    I have been crew since 2009 and playing since 2007 fulfilling many different roles over the years across the company, The past few years i have concentrated on working for the New Games Department helping to try out different games and methods of community management but i have also done the following roles:

    Mod, MH, Support, FA and now CM on UK
    FA and CM on Travian PK
    CM on Epic Arena (TG New Games Department)
    CM on Roger & Out (TG New Games Department)
    Senior Community Manager
    Embedded Community Manager on Pyramid Raid (TG New Games Department)

    So why am i here? After my previous contract expired with new games I was asked to take on the Community Manager role for these two domains. TG has discovered the past 18 months following the launch of PYR that social media and community interaction is as important for the company as traditional methods such as tickets and general server admin duties. Over the year that PYR was running we built a community from scratch using social media, steam and blog proving how important they are to a games company. Along with other research and sources the company decided to make changes to their traditional management structure and split the roles down.

    My role as CM is, among other things, to manage and administer the forum, manage the news boxes and feeds, provide a focal point for community issues and most importantly to interact and communicate both ways between you, the players and HQ. There is also development work going on to include social media management in the near future.

    The forum team are working hard with me to update the forum, make changes to the way the forum and domain operates and provide the day to day moderation.

    If you have any questions about the forum or any ideas, suggestions or feedback to improve any aspect of the game please contact me at or send me a message here.

    Have fun and don't panic, If in doubt the answer is 42.

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