Hey Guys, I need a dual for the RoA server. I dont have time to play 24/7, so if someone wants to play with me, that would be awesome. I am a fun, loveable guy who has lots of game experience, but not lots of time. Anyone can apply. Here are the details:

  1. Username: Holgan
  2. Account Tribe: Gaul

  1. SW
  2. Just started, so only have 3 villages
  3. I have won a few servers with my alliances before, but find it difficult to work alone.
  4. I use a little gold, but not a lot
  5. My experience is mostly in simming and defending, but i have been a good raider before
  6. I am from Africa, so I am usually on between 3-4 pm CAT.
  7. You can contact me via Skype at joshua.du.toit1