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Thread: Server Awards

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    Default Server Awards

    So at the end of every server there is generally an awards page and this one should be no different,

    I've stolen the categories from las S2 if anyone wants to add/remove any feel free

    IGN (single or dual-account):
    Your Set-up and Achievements:
    Best Alliance (Not your own):
    Best Player on the Server:
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance:
    Best Opponent:
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:
    Best Leader (Your own):
    Best Leader (Not your own):
    Stupidest Decision:
    Most Underrated:
    Best Noob:
    Most Overrated:
    Memorable Moment of the server:
    Soundtrack to your server:

    I'll come back and post mine once I've written it, I get the feeling it might be like a book but I'll try and keep it short... ish
    UK4 R2 - ben3k2002 - NORD
    UK2 R3 - BioHazard - Debello
    UK4 R3 - Chemical Chaos - NORD - deleted
    UK2 R4 - Ares - Deja vu
    UK3 R8 - Chemical Chaos - STONG
    UK1 R10 - Scar - Natars

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    IGN (single or dual-account): Elsa (single)
    Your Set-up and Achievements: Originally planned for defence, but went for a WWk
    Alliance: Havoc++
    Best Alliance (Not your own): Pulse
    Best Player on the Server: Elisa
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Tauriel, Asnet deserves a mention too for their insane waves of damage each time.
    Best Opponent: Didn't have anyone dare come at me till last hours so N/A
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: peterg
    Best Leader (Your own): kiwiwifi
    Best Leader (Not your own): Ledge
    Stupidest Decision: Build a non cap and not use Greats
    Most Underrated: Havoc
    Best Noob: sleepy-lt
    Most Overrated: Natars
    Memorable Moment of the server: Sending first serious attempt at a WWk, feeding it
    Soundtrack to your server:

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    IGN (single or dual-account): Fluffy

    Your Set-up and Achievements:
    Setup to be a WWK but didn't get anywhere near what I expected of myself


    Best Alliance (Not your own):
    Can't really argue with Natars tbh, played the spoiler ally to a T

    Best Player on the Server:
    There's too many to specially list one but Cool Runnings & Merida must get a mention for the size of the hammers they produced. Appreciate the time & effort it takes to build them as a WWK builder myself

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance:
    Bats, constant thorn in the side of Goats early on.

    Best Opponent:
    Hag, constant thorn in my side all round. We had plenty of skirmishes to which both sides won & lost

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:
    Carole aka Zodiac for the sheer number of Spears she produced

    Best Leader (Your own):
    Ledge, don't need to say much more that people already know about him but the leadership team all play there part

    Best Leader (Not your own):
    None particularly impressed me if I'm honest

    Stupidest Decision:
    Leaving 10k Catas in an oasis undefended & thanks to Hag I paid the price for it. Kudos

    Most Underrated:
    Alliance defenders, they don't get the credit they deserve half the time & they got us the win effectively

    Best Noob:
    No idea

    Most Overrated:
    Plenty to list here

    Memorable Moment of the server:
    Server ending with a Pulse Win

    Soundtrack to your server:
    Has to be any Christmas song as I'm glad it's over before then
    UK2 R4 - The 3 Ninja's | UKx R11 - The Mentalist | UK4 R6 - Dr Manhattan
    UK2 R8 - Jonesy | UKx R12 - Fluffy | UKx R20 - Fluffy

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    IGN (single or dual-account): Scar - (Dual Account with Christian - Kael101)

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Offensive account to smash stuff

    EDIT - I missed our achievements there isn't a huge number but a couple I'm proud of including holding the Pulse WW for 22 hours by repeatedly rebuilding crannies and residences (Seriously how did you hit Resi on first go). The second one worth a mention was the theft of the U Haste after faking the village daily for about a month we walked in and took it killing just 728 scouts

    Alliance: Natars

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Got to go with Pulse I guess, they won after a fair few setbacks

    Best Player on the Server: Cool Runnings gets the nod here from me that was some serious raiding to train and feed that monster hammer. Merida comes a close second having made their hammer with a severe allergy to raiding and the most clinical troop building I'd seen just Mace, TKs, Rams and a hero and only in one village

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: I'll go with Demon here, Numerous overnight excursions to hit pulse which they seemed to enjoy doing over and over + the 'Boomerang' hammer
    EDIT - I feel quite bad for forgetting and not giving a mention to our strike partner in several Ops here (EQ) built some solid troop numbers and were always on time for the hits (they did the donkey work leading the way) maybe if they had a decent number of troops we hadn't walled at newb and I wouldn't of forgotten

    Best Opponent: We didn't have any 'opponents' specific to our account so I'll change this to best non ally player, I'll go with Hag, they survived a lot of hits on their cap early on (Thanks to Goats def) and carried on, plus within an hour of sending them the scout report on Fluffy's cats the cats were dead a lot of other players would have hesitated and asked questions. (Although we all wished we were closer for the kills )

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: There's a few who always send defence they may not have the top number of defence troops on getter but they would be there and send to every call players such as Goofy, Clarabelle, Drainex, Scrooge, Darth, piglet and Daddy (always sent.. timings however... ) I've possibly missed some if so then I'm sorry

    Best Leader (Your own): Mickey Rat (Ryder) - Time and time again he came out with daring and audacious plans which looked like suicide but he found a way of most of us dodging the defence so we survived to fight another day

    Best Leader (Not your own): I don't really know of many leaders on this server only the alliances, Goats deserve a mention for being the pain in the pulse quad early days, and the Pulse leadership get a mention for holding the alliance together through a few WW setbacks and rebuilding to win

    Stupidest Decision: Still going ahead with an attack on newb after Pluto had messed up his waves and recalled 6 of 8... that was always destined to wall and no one else should have sent

    Most Underrated: ATLAS - no one expected much from them in the end game and they over performed in my opinion (a little help at times from natars but not much and not often) Merida could also be considered as hugely underrated they were the previous ram record holders but no one tried to attack an account with history and a lot of AA usage

    Best Noob: This is clearly DMR/TKH. EDIT- I just noticed the second o, so I'll change that to Iain (or Cian whatever he calls himself) his second server out and first attempt at a WWK, He had to send a lot earlier than we/he hoped for but still made it onto the records top 10 for cat numbers.

    Most Overrated: This could be a little harsh and may not be based on their own propaganda but this has to be Pulse, before the server started they were built up on to a pedestal as the all mighty UK alliance that can't be beaten and we just didn't see that dominance we expected - That being said they still won and winning is winning

    Memorable Moment of the server: Chiefing the Pulse WW... That is by far and away the best 22 hours I've ever had on Trav especially killing the hammers at 0130 and all the other fumbled attempts at taking it back

    Soundtrack to your server: The song that kept me going at 0130 that night

    I'll likely edit this and add more or change some bits but who knows maybe I'll leave it
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    UK4 R2 - ben3k2002 - NORD
    UK2 R3 - BioHazard - Debello
    UK4 R3 - Chemical Chaos - NORD - deleted
    UK2 R4 - Ares - Deja vu
    UK3 R8 - Chemical Chaos - STONG
    UK1 R10 - Scar - Natars

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    Might as well follow the above.

    IGN (single or dual-account): Scar - Dual w/ Ben. Whom has made the server an absolute pleasure to play with. We balanced the account very well and he's dragged me kicking and screaming by the end of the server to what ended up being a pretty tidy account.

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Smashy and steals.

    Alliance: Natars

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Pulse

    Best Player on the Server: Counter to my dual I'm going to go with Adam & Carol on the Merida account. CR's raiding was immense but the sheer detail and focus on the Merida account was impressive.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Evil Queen. Big hammers, big hits.

    Best Opponent: Had a nice chat with Oopsy Daisy during the WW chat. Most've Pulse were lovely 1-2-1 on IGM - can't say we had many incomings.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Clarabelle Cow. Churned out most've our def. Plenty of deffers in natars who had a relaxed server.

    Best Leader (Your own): Ryder. Asked me and Ben to join, he promised an enjoyable server and delivered. Worth noting that there wasn't much handholding or babysitting in the alliance. People organised themselves if they wanted, asked each other for help. Active Skype chat and a lovely bunch. Ryder, Adam and Carol steered the ship and cracked the whip but there were plenty of rowers.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Hag at GOATS.

    Stupidest Decision:
    Our own? Ploughing some EIs into Funky - reacted emotionally without thinking about. Assuming Havoc would defend the Uni Fool a bit more on the last day of the server also meant we had a hammer remaining but hey ho.

    Someone elses? If you have an alliance rooting for you to win, best not call their leader a paedophile, pretty hard to stop the rot from that point.

    Most Underrated:
    =H= - singlehandedly got RedJelly2 into the top defenders by relentlessly sending mace at him. Could've done more.

    Best Noob:

    Most Overrated: Pulse - but i hear we got Pulse light so I won't hold any judgement. My expectations were inflated coming to the server I guess.

    Memorable Moment of the server: WW Chief. Woke up just after the hit to see Sam on B&B say 'What should we call it?' a present surprise after I had resigned to walling.

    Soundtrack to your server:
    UK3 R8 - Bre&Bui

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    I'll keep this simple: having played the whole server, I still have no clue which ally was in which quad (other than my one).

    1) Chronos (stupid name).
    2) Small roman off account - took a Pulse GW from 20-19. Other notable achievement: didn't get murdered by Boom! - in joke, non-Atlas players may not understand.
    3) Atlas.
    4) Don't really know the off players - probably Crunchie.
    5) A few Havoc players gave me something to think about: Tauriel and Kiwiwifi earlier on, then Lipa and Not Again! later on when I couldn't see the incomings for a lack of gold.
    6) NibNob (lovely Nibbles) no explanation needed.
    7) "" "" (NibNob again) - sorry Boom!, but Nibbles swore less.
    8) No idea who the other leaders are.
    9) Asking for an eventual spy to be allowed into Atlas. Also, not making a sister wing called 'Btlas', or 'Ctlas' as a second Atlas had already been done.
    10) Mafia was underrated.
    11) Probably me - was my first (and probably last) server playing off, and by Jove did I make some blunders! (The answer is yes - it wasn't rhetorical).
    12) Overrated? Probably john Stones.
    13) A big bulk of Atlas def killing a bunch of Havoc hammers who, in one night tried to zero my cap and chief my hammer vill (both failed, thanks to someone beginning with N).
    14) (I get knocked down)

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    This is tough. I've been so numb for the past 24 hours that I almost decided just not to do this. And I know I'm going to forget people. So, a preamble. No secret that Pulse Liteô was depleted, but the players we did have went above & beyond. Eddy, Mystic and Jorek, I know it was hell in the WW, often for 12 hours straight. I know you will all be grateful for going for a pee without (literally!) needing to plan five minutes to leave the computer. Thank you.

    IGN (single or dual-account): OopsyDaisy, solo account.
    Your Set-up and Achievements: Wanted to play smashy but it gradually dawned that I was too "precious" to lose, so as others noticed pretty quickly, I became a WWK again. Not an amazing escort, but 18k catas, not bad considering how early it sent. This is only my second proper server so I'm happy to have beaten my last cata count.
    Spent forever and a day helping the def crew and doing alliance busywork in general, working pretty much everywhere except in the WW itself (no thanks... hats off to you guys for doing that). Chronic lack of sleep, I'm awarding myself the gold medal for ally dedication and activity, or at least for being crazy.
    Alliance: Pulse
    Best Alliance (Not your own):
    Havoc. They made mistakes, but it was very clear they had a lot of inexperienced players, and that (to me) makes mistakes forgivable. They did large ops and appeared to be mentoring. Pulse 100% fell down in this regard - when your oldschoolers leave, you need to have people to step in. We'll not make that mistake again.
    Best Player on the Server:
    Just check out the new Hall of Fame entries. But that's such an easy thing to see, and there are people who are incredibly valuable to their alliances who'll never stand on a podium. I can't even pick one.
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance:
    Erm... I think every single one of us could have done better. So let us say... the "best" award goes to everyone who stayed committed, kept queueing troops and was ready & willing to hit at any time. Shout-out to the smashies who kept at it.
    Best Opponent:
    Gonna have to say Ryder here. Uncanny skill at reading people. He might as well have read my diary considering how well he knew exactly how I would play. Knocked it out of the park, right down to knowing I was too busy looking after the alliance to give my own account full attention. And I'll note, he knew these things before we'd really spoken much. Not to mention the sheer scout numbers. I know it's not rocket surgery to own a hawk, but I've never known someone to use one so well.
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:
    Jente! Her lovely praets were always fed, and she always sent troops without grumbling. But there were so many wonderful deffers. Thank you especially to those who deffed my small diet and withstood CHEFgate, as we've come to call it, which wiped out a massive chunk of def in one go.
    Best Leader (Your own):
    Ledge. His knack for guessing tactics still blows me away. There are some people you just "gel" with, makes it so easy to just get on with my job as the caped crusader's sidekick.
    ledge: <I did this thing.>
    ledge: "Can you do your thing?"
    me: "Done."

    Easy as that. We literally had these exact conversations. Thank you Batman!
    Best Leader (Not your own):
    All of Natars. I know they had leaders by name, but I'm also led to believe that the ally as a whole was fairly democratic and shared the load quite well.
    Stupidest Decision:
    Me personally: not defending the large storage. In my defense I was exhausted, Natars had bombarded us with several hundred incomings, and quite frankly I just completely forgot how simple it is to grab a large arte because we just assume it'll generally be chiefed. Yes, that's how tired I was.
    Alliance: I think we all know that Pulse shouldn't have sent on the Havoc WW. I'm taking 50% of the blame for that decision, mostly for never even considering the option of sitting on our hands. Hindsight's a wonderful thing, I'm finally learning about game psychology and diplomacy, and hey, at least I yelled "no, we're not going anywhere" the next time an enemy WW got into the 90s.
    Most Underrated:
    Demon. Kept me on my toes for so long. Must have sent at least 200 times at my artefacts. That haste of theirs was responsible for me hating the sound of my alarm clock.
    Best Noob:
    I honestly don't know. This again comes down to me not mentoring enough in Pulse (my bad) and among the other alliances, anyone great who was a noob has obviously hidden it well.
    Most Overrated:
    Memorable Moment of the server:
    the chiefing of our WW. Admittedly, we sat back for too long after it happened, and we made quite a botch job of getting it back at first. But once we clicked into action, it was really quite wonderful seeing everyone band together to reclaim it as a team.
    Soundtrack to your server:
    the theme music from I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

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    IGN (single or dual-account): sleepy-lt
    Your Set-up and Achievements: At first, I just wanted to brea my record of most 4 villages, I did that, with 26 villages at the end
    Alliance: Havoc
    Best Alliance (Not your own): Pulse, what can I say, luck is part of the game too
    Best Player on the Server: Tauriel, just how much work he put into controling WW is enormous
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: ASnet, oh boy those reports were amazing
    Best Opponent: didn't realy have one, some random farms just come and go
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: everyone, can't name one, but whenever we need defence, everyone helps!
    Best Leader (Your own): Probably DMR, I had lots of fun talking with him
    Best Leader (Not your own): no idea
    Stupidest Decision: to make my capital 9c and not 15 c, you live and learn.
    Most Underrated:
    Best Noob: Me!
    Most Overrated:
    Memorable Moment of the server: Cool runnings deleting our WW, that was cold.
    Soundtrack to your server: Highway to hell

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    IGN (single or dual-account): Eurypedes (single)

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Offensive/defensive

    Alliance: TDE

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Have to hand it to pulse.

    Best Player on the Server: Cool Runnings for his raiding and WWK.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: G3mm4.

    Best Opponent: None spring to mind as I was rarely personally troubled.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Santa Clause.

    Best Leader (Your own): Lord Rahl.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Ryder for his Diplomacy which gave us the goal we desired, AKA Not a Havoc win.

    Stupidest Decision: Believing I could be a leader.

    Best Noob: Marlo1 , to see him come so far, in only two servers , only for external factors to mean an early retirement.

    Memorable Moment of the server: To have a village named "Cranny fest" get chiefed, and it was FULL.
    At the end of every black hole is a man with torch

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    IGN (single or dual-account): The Crunch, solo

    Your Set-up and Achievements: As I had to play the server purely from a mobile phone I only planned to have a little fun. Ended up a rammer, nearly made hof too until some others landed. Made my first ever 21 field, that was cool even if it did get knocked down a week later . Keeping my spawn village all server, was impressed with that too, had 6,000 traps in it at one point, oh the giggles! Taking a gold raider just to annoy a leader. Probably did some other stuff too

    Alliance: Atlas

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Natars, hands down. Amazing hammers and brilliant defensive/offensive coordination. Producing great reports all server.

    Best Player on the Server: As everybody will likely pick messi and Ronaldo for the ballon d'or im going to leave them off my list (cool & merida) and go with kaazing. Odd choice maybe but he must've lost over 500k phalanx during the course of the server and still finished with an impressive amount whilst maintaining a play hammer and collecting his own artefacts, not too shabby for a defender! In addition to that he did it all with me winding him up all server (settling in the WW supplies he reserved, building buildings in random places to irritate his ocd, catapulting him when he was asleep etc) so I think that nudges him ahead of other players!

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Me, obvs!

    Best Opponent: LeChatNoir, total gent.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: It would be unfair to single one out as they all worked very hard

    Best Leader (Your own): Nibnob, bloody good at what he does.

    Best Leader (Not your own): DMR, no single leader on the server did more towards and atlas victory than that man. Great banter too.

    Stupidest Decision: Drinking heavily on Fridays, easily starved 40k+ from my hammer across the many nights.

    Most Underrated: Atlas, fled the NE, took control of the SW. Not too shabby for a small group,

    Best Noob: Boom!, maybe it is unfair to call him a noob still but it brings tears to my eyes to see the bald headed softy I recruited into Angels all those years ago using everything I taught him to finish so high on the attackers list.

    Most Overrated: Havoc, when you recruit an entire quad you expect to see more than a couple people pulling their weight.

    Memorable Moment of the server: A havoc leader deleting because his wickle wheat field got hit

    Soundtrack to your server: The bird bird bird, the bird is the word

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    IGN (single ordual-account): Killjerry
    Your Set-up and Achievements: off, def
    Alliance: Pulse
    Best Alliance (Not your own): Havoc
    Best Player on the Server: no best player(s), but impressed by CR’s and Merida’s troopnumbers
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Bats
    Best Opponent: several players
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: our entire def team. Awesome!
    Best Leader (Your own): Ledge
    Best Leader (Not your own): Ryder
    Stupidest Decision: using my haeds as def troops
    Most Underrated: our def team
    Best Noob: -
    Most Overrated: -
    Memorable Moment of the server: I have 2…
    . the chiefing of our ww
    . after having chiefed 3 vills of the same player, going for his 4thvillage and to find out it’s been renamed to ‘Cranny fest’,
    and it was FULL.Having to cat a cranny before being able to build a MB. Great move lol
    Soundtrack to your server: our WW:
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    IGN (single or dual-account): hag (start as dual finish solo)

    Your Set-up and Achievements:
    started with couple friends for bit smash up fun, things changed a lot ended up few more new friends but the smash up side was still here

    Alliance: havoc

    Best Alliance (Not your own):
    got to go with natars, as know the fun in a spoiler alliance they played it well

    Best Player on the Server:
    seen some nice hits often from Demon account so go for them

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance:
    tricky one to answer this but liked Asnet style of cat attacks

    Best Opponent:
    Fluffy- kept me on my toes most of server some good attacks between us and banter a likeable enemy

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:
    PJS and Zelda deserve a mention by me, them troop just keep coming die then come again for months on end when needed

    Best Leader (Your own):

    Best Leader (Not your own):
    will have to say Ryder here from a server point of view, as Natars made some big server twists for others

    Stupidest Decision:
    letting myself be roped into leadership in goats
    Most Underrated:
    the smaller 10 village etc. players, that backbone of alliances never get a mention or rarely a ribbon but help ally greatly

    Best Noob: pass

    Most Overrated:
    well i would say the pulse hype at start of server, but they ended up win still so guess contradict myself here lol

    Memorable Moment of the server:
    was fun server for me on personal level a few to choose from here
    but my favorite was survive 3 seperate ally wide attacks at zero my cap from pulse, hammer survives and pull myself back into game from a 62 pop cap lol
    closely followed by catch fluffy 10k cats sitting
    fools and horses troop, seemed to catch there hammer and wipe it out often found that amusing

    Soundtrack to your server: (seemed to say it all for me)

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    Hey all, had lots of fun on this server, though I was a bit disappointed from the difference between expectations and reality from Pulse, but they did what was expected and won... somehow

    IGN (single or dual-account): Pluto (started off with a dual but he was quickly kicked after saying "you are an idiot and want to tell me what I have to do all the time, I know what to do!!!" and next thing he does is waste all the res in the village for infrastructure on the first day so we can be first in the ranking for 15 minutes... GOOD RIDDANCE! Ever since then played alone without sitters.

    Your Set-up and Achievements: smashy roman account, two hammers - one smashed a few Pulse and =H= villages and splat at a Pulse WW NPC village and the other splat at Havoc's WW, knocking out a few levels of it, would have zeroed it if there wasn't a wall but oh well, rammers are for sissies like CR!

    Alliance: Natars (worst ally on the server, said we'd stop Pulse and didn't... I think we can all say we failed miserably and do not deserve to be thought as the best ally on the server)

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Havoc, I can't imagine how hard it was to recruit the whole quad, but recruiting Goats... best diplomacy team on the server, played their cards right and were denied the win by some silly billies like Natars

    Best Player on the Server: No doubt about it. There is one and only choice for this - CR, that account was top from the start and whoever you say did well, they didn't do THIS WELL! Looking at the account closely, the way it was developed... pure madness... The players on the account are the best I know and they put all their time into this account (big shout out to AJ too, he didn't stay till the end but still had a big finger in it) , a round of applause from me!

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: lots of names come to mind... Demon did quite a lot of attacking with the haste (they stole) in the latter stages, CR trained a WWK and a splashy which did quite a lot of damage, Evil queen, Scar and Dude did well to rebuild hammers multiple times after smashing multiple targets and there was this one guy... Pluto, cleared the area of 6-7 =H= players single handedly, acted in every single OP, including the WW taking and somehow turned a splashy into a 500k hammer which was destined to go high into the records but then the player decided to lose his common sense and send at Havoc's WW, thus causing some sort of an argument which changed the course of the server and Pulse won, what an idiot that guy... so overall, good job Dave and Morten from Demon!

    Best Opponent: Some good players on the server, but I've got to say Elisa. Reasonably good WWK, Pulse's best one by a mile...

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Bing Bong , no doubt again. Might as well be the best one on the server, well built account and gigantic numbers in def.

    Best Leader (Your own): I expected a bit more from our leadership at certain stages but overall Ryder's planning was fantastic. No one knew Pulse better than him and he was the right person to "grow a pair" and make them look silly after organising and executing the chiefing of the WW OP.

    Best Leader (Not your own): I didn't really get into other allies' planning and can't say which one is the best but we all know who were the best diplomats

    Stupidest Decision: 1. Laggy internet and 8 waves just don't go together... asked for cancelling of the OP or changing targets and was denied...
    2.not rebuilding hammer after the hit, was slacky and decided to spend more time for work and uni instead... again, what an idiot...

    Most Underrated: Havoc, everyone thought they were noobs and they almost won... ALMOST!

    Best Noob: Drainex, good fellow and willing to learn, turned into one of the best def players in the ally.

    Most Overrated: You guessed it... Pulse

    Memorable Moment of the server: Cursing at Ryder for ASKING me (manipulating whatever they called him) to send at Pulse's WW, just waiting to splat and then go clean through... A heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders

    Soundtrack to your server:
    We got far but didn't finish our job and let our enemy win... shame, we were up for a Havoc win but they weren't?!?!

    Peace out,

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    IGN (single or dual-account): Cool Runnings (dual account)
    Your Set-up and Achievements: WWK and smashy hammer. Started the server with an aim to beat the record attack strength score for a WWK on UK servers, delighted to smash that and take crop record too! We didnít believe this was possible on a roman account, but server went well and had a great ally around us!
    Alliance: Natars
    Best Alliance (Not your own): Goats did OK and Atlas probably over performed all things considered.
    Best Player on the Server: Demon, hands down! Iím pleased to say I knew Dave and Morten from a previous UK1 and when I found out they were back (Dave after retirement lol) I told our leaders we must sign them up. Certainly didnít disappoint, they were a constant royal pain in Pulse backsides, smashing many caps, taking and forcing Pulse to move countless artes, which we saw had a huge effect when Pulseís offensive troop numbers.
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Erm, Demon, different class!
    Best Opponent: Personally, we had no real attack all server until we sent our WWK, then a few borged scraps on us. In fact, I don't think their were any reals on key targets in our ally all server!
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Bing Bong, made over 500k def keeping our WWK and the U diet safe all round.
    Best Leader (Your own): Ryder (peace be upon him), great offensive ops planned. Pulse def room must have been the busiest chat on the server! What I would have given for a look when we chiefed the WW!
    Best Leader (Not your own): Got to be DMR, havenít had so much enjoyment reading the forum in ages! Just tell me the server heís playing next (hopefully with his sidekick) and Iím there!
    Stupidest Decision: Well moving house cost us about 10k imp starving and then I got dragged out shopping by the Mrs and someone else on the account may have ran another 20k imp into our other hammer. We had to pass the imp record 3 times this server, 180k imp became a bit of a bogey number. That may answer a few questions about our imp/EC ratio! So stupidest decision, trying to have a record WWK and a life!
    Most Underrated: Good diplomacy on the forum!
    Best Noob: Muppet Show, by me!! I was amazed when Ryder told me it was 2nd server, 2nd highest cats on the server and was 400 ahead of us when he sent!
    Most Overrated: Think this must go to the whole of Pulse, they were a real disappointment. However, at the end of the day, it was their abject performance that won them the server! We got bored of beating them up and Havoc saw their chance to grab defeat from the jaws of victory with some superb whingeing. It became clear very quickly that no one cared if Pulse won anymore, just as long as Havoc didnít!
    Memorable Moment of the server: Got to be taking the Pulse WW, sitting Scar was the most fun Iíve had in a 24hr period on travian!
    Soundtrack to your server:

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    IGN (single or dual-account): Merida (duelled with Carol)

    Your Set-up and Achievements: WWR - We made an 11 paged word document that planned to get 666k wheat including 52k rams, from a non-raiding capital built hammer. The plan also included numerous spreadsheets, including our ever reliable starting one which saw us into the top 10 quickest people to send on the server. When we finished, we had around a 670k wheat with 57k rams. We ended up with the biggest cap hammer on the UK, the highest non-raiding hammer and of course the most rams.

    Alliance: Natars

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Atlas. My reason for picking Atlas is that they were clearly the most disadvantaged on the server. Many members started off in the NE, and quickly realised that it wasn't prudent staying in there, if they were going to compete in the endgame. Havoc say they were underrated and insulted, but Atlas had it worse. They didn't recruit the whole quad and more, they honourably tried to forge an alliance out of what was clearly the weakest quad in terms of human resources. They made it to endgame, against all odds, and rose from having a 10% chance of winning (in my analysis) to being a genuine contender.

    Best Player on the Server: Cool Runnings.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Demon. Thankfully I managed to convince Dave and Morton to join us. Reading their reports was a lot of fun. But there were many impressive offensive players in our alliance

    Best Opponent: Hag. This account was a graveyard for Pulse troops whilst in goats. They did extremely well in offence, considering they had to fightback with numerous rebuilds.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Baloo was the most useful defender for me. but Bing Bong gets a nod for sheer numbers, and goofy for the amount of calls he made, and therefore people he successfully defended.

    Best Leader (Your own): Ryder. See below.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Nibnob, for the reasons stated in best alliance.

    Tauriel also did well, just look at the def numbers., He would have won the server, if he could have had contained the loose cannons. Good effort.

    Stupidest Decision: I flew from the ROK to the UK and didn't mention that we had troops in certain villages, so we lost about 20k inf/cav. In the context of our server, neither of us care. Our main mission was re-writing the ram record. We started making rams from a L20 workshop on day 27 and continued for the rest of the server without losing a single ram. For that I am very proud.

    Most Underrated: Ryder is so underrated that fluffy can't even think of a leader to mention... even though the 10k catas he lost was due to the planning and vision that Ryder gave us (and others when it suited him). And the plan that led to their WW being conquered with near enough 0 loses.

    He was in charge of our settlement, that was closer to getting 5 uniques on arte day, than 3. Don't forget that we predicted we'd get 4 at arte time and did The settlement plan also gave us a huge advantage over Pulse, and was a core reason for us being able to easily dismantle their inner quad's players.

    Ryder led the alliance in a very democratic way, assigning numerous people to do jobs. Over a quarter of players in the alliance were in leadership roles at some point, and we had self-functioning "battle groups" that needed very little guidance. However Ryder was the constant, and the main off planner, and he did it even when he had serious family issues.

    Finally, he is one of the most selfless leaders I have had the pleasure of playing travian with. He listens to all, and respects all. He built so many scouts, that will never get him into a HoF, or on a battle report, but were crucial to our successes.

    Best Noob: The Muppet Show. For a second server the achievements are amazing.

    Most Overrated: Ragazzi. When we saw he had taken the unique haste, there was a collective feeling of relief. We knew it would be wasted. That we would never see it head our way. That we wouldn't server a server defining hammer. We knew he'd only hit inactives, noobs or spawns.

    Memorable Moment of the server: Landing on the Havoc WW. It was funny to see them suggest my account would have a max of 30k rams. When we were the previous record holders with 38k, and we lost 7k due to starvation on that server. That server we also started that as our secondary mission, and the server was shorter. As Scar said earlier... underrated!

    As an alliance, it was conquering the Pulse WW. A slightly disappointing thing is that I was sitting the WW and planned to do a timed res build, but I got called into a meeting, and couldn't. Turns out that the res build would have prolonged Pulse's attempts to recover the WW. But it was a small thing, there was only so long we could have held on, due to the distance.

    Soundtrack to your server: Eek-A-Mouse - Slowly But Surely -
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    IGN (single or dual-account): Ragazzi
    Your Set-up and Achievements: Very kindly got the offer from Paul to join team Ragazzi for the first time and it was a lot of fun. A true insight in to a how dedicated you have to be to make a top top account. Sadly Ragz became very busy with work during the second half of the sever so that combined with some stupid mistakes and laziness resulted in a very disappointing sever on our part (as kindly pointed out by dear Bloated Fish lol). But if this is the worst sever we ever play and still end up in top 10 attackers, defenders and 200k def at WW then not the end of world.
    Alliance: Pulse
    Best Alliance (Not your own): Natars I guess...
    Best Player on the Server: Demon, showed the proper way to sim. Built a monster account while building quality hammers and was a constant pain in the Pulse def room.
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: OopsyDaisy, Elisa was the one who managed to deliver a WWK out of Pulse. Alliance was let down by the efforts of ourselves and some of the other offensive players this time round, but Elisa pulled through so well done to you
    Best Opponent: Scar, most annoying player ive ever seen and most persistent faking I've ever seen A well deserved steal of the U haste.
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Jorek was incredible, defended me against Scars fakes consistently for many months (yet just about the one time we didn't defend it was a real lol). But Jorek and Mystic led the amazing def team superbly. Again showed me what the standard of a def team needs to be at for a top alliance. Spent all hours of the day and night organising def.

    Best Leader (Your own): Ledge...I didn't always agree with your master plan but this is why you are the leader and not me, because you pulled it off to perfection (even if there was a bit of luck involved) Another well deserved win for your resume.
    Best Leader (Not your own): Ryder, assembled the new prototype of what a quality 'smash' alliance looks like. Attack plans were persistent and quality, well done.
    Stupidest Decision: Ergh too may to list, not arguing harder to Paul wanting a 75% 15c lol, not being on to dodge troops when they were caught at home multiple times and not being more active on the offensive front during the middle of the game.
    Most Underrated: Pulse! Were called useless, over rated, a let down, poor, no good etc. etc. all sever yet we achieved our objective and WON the sever. Its a results orientated business, we got the result and added to the Pulse legacy. If we were so so terrible yet still won, that clearly shows the quality and determination of the group (or everyone else was just no good )
    Most Overrated: Natars, assembled a super alliance, came here with one goal and failed to deliver.
    Memorable Moment of the server: Coming back from all the set backs (most of all having WW chiefed) and winning the sever
    Soundtrack to your server: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give (you) Up - YouTube. A lesson in fighting until the end.

    Thanks for a fun sever and see you all around.
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    IGN (single or dual-account): DMR
    Your Set-up and Achievements: In service of the alliance
    Alliance: Victorious (formerly known as Havoc)
    Best Alliance (Not your own): ATLAS. Very decent and honorable players
    Best Player on the Server: Swarm. Fearless and always accurate
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: ASNet. Best demolisher ever. Generally every Havoc offense operation participant shares the credits!
    Best Opponent: Hard to pick the best with an entire server + "community" as the opponent. All had their strengths and weaknesses.
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Suredive. Always ready to save the day
    Best Leader (Your own): Persecutioner. Too bad this was discovered too late in the game
    Best Leader (Not your own): Boom! Nice guy, good player and exceeded all expectations with a WW
    Stupidest Decision: Pointing out inconsistencies in certain explanations given on the forum
    Most Underrated: Valley Boy. Man of honor
    Best Noob: DMR. No WW experience, no role in Havoc's WW leadership, yet still a decisive role in the outcome according to some. Respect!
    Most Overrated: Honesty and honor. I overrated it. Won't happen again
    Memorable Moment of the server: Chiefing the Pulse WW. Have to admit, that was in a category of its own. Genius
    Soundtrack to your server:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victorious View Post
    IGN (single or dual-account): DMR
    Best Noob: DMR. No WW experience, no role in Havoc's WW leadership, yet still a decisive role in the outcome according to some. Respect!
    DMR, I think there is an unwritten rule that you don't use these to laud yourself, even if you do it hiding in a brand spanking new forum account.

    This is my outsiders view:

    IGN (single or dual-account): Mercedes
    Your Set-up and Achievements: Used no gold until my troops went walking at the end by which point it was starvation or NPC.
    Alliance: Quest
    Best Alliance (Not your own): Toss up between Pulse and Natars, both had very different intentions for the game.
    Best Player on the Server: Cool Runnings - no contest. To maintain that level of raiding and build such a massive WWK takes skill and dedication.
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: There was only me.
    Best Opponent: I didn't really have any, though Cool Runnings did steal my spawn village whilst I was at work
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: There were't any.
    Best Leader (Your own): I'll put Ryder here because I did join in a Natars run even though I wasn't in the alliance. He is a really good leader and has an uncanny way of accurately predicting what his opponents will do.
    Best Leader (Not your own): Ledge is a great leader, it's bee a priviledge to play on the Pulse team in the past.
    Stupidest Decision: Going back on the forum.
    Most Underrated: The power of the forum - as Havoc found to their cost.
    Best Noob: That guy in Natars who sent out the massive Roman hammer early on, apparently it was only his second server. Sorry, can't remember the IGN.
    Most Overrated: Havoc leaders, but only by themselves. I don't think anyone outside Havoc rated them highly.
    Memorable Moment of the server: Seeing the two hammers from Cool Runnings and Merida that totally destroyed Havoc's WW. Wow, just wow.
    Soundtrack to your server:
    Once I was Mercy and before that I was Anonymous.
    It takes a very special kind of person to lose email addresses.
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    IGN (single or dual-account): Beauty&TheBeast (dual to day 130, solo to the end)

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Came to play a smashy round, and did that for the majority. Hit =H= and Pulse for most of the server, then Havoc a few times towards the end - going through many capitals and zeroing a few villages in the process. Took the Unique AA on artefact spawns. Hit the Pulse WW twice, clearing it single-handedly the first time and taking down the wall the second time.

    Alliance: Natars

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Going to go with Pulse, purely for the defence in their WW. I imagine their defenders have had a pretty tough time this round. It must have been disheartening to see their alliance in the state that it was in this server, with their attackers not turning up, and them being thrown around quite badly from after artefacts were released. Despite that, they stuck it out to the end and to managed to secure their team the win - which definitely deserves some praise.

    Best Player on the Server: Like most have gone for, it's between Merida and Cool Runnings for me. But I'm going with Cool Runnings, just because I've worked a lot closer with them for the majority of the server and saw/heard a lot more about what they were up to - we were in the same battle group and produced some great things from that. There was always one of them about when you needed something, I don't think I've seen people more committed to an account than those on there! Still, an honourable mention to Merida, they played a great server and I think shocked everyone with what they were able to produce. The majority of it goes down to planning, which I think most overlook.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Demon are definitely deserving of this, they had an insane round and never gave Pulse a minute. They produced some beautiful hammers, as well as ridiculous amounts of defence for an off account.

    Though I'd like to say, we had a great core group of attackers this server (better than I've ever played with before) - they know who they are, and they all had a fantastic server.

    Best Opponent: I wasn't really attacked all that often, so I don't think I can really pick one.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Has to go to Bing Bong for the sheer numbers that he produced, lucky enough for me he wasn't far away from all of my villages Again though, we had some great defenders in our alliance - it was just unfortunate that people weren't looking to bring the fight to us this round, resulting in some getting quite bored towards the end.

    Best Leader (Your own): Ryder. He asked me to play after our two alliances worked alongside each other in the endgame of the last S3, I can't say it took much persuading with what he was promising. He has great game knowledge and experience, puts lots of time into planning, and always tries to listen to everyone. Without a doubt, he has been the key to our success as an alliance - I don't think you could really ask for someone better as a leader.

    Best Leader (Not your own): I'll go with Boom! for this one. He seemed to be able to help build a little partnership between us and ATLAS. We could help them a little bit, and they could help us. It was far from the "meta" that some of Havoc were constantly suggesting it was, but I'd say it helped us both out in different ways.

    Stupidest Decision: The one that instantly comes to mind, is taking the Unique AA at artefacts. We ended up being stuck with it for close to a month, and our account was hardly able to progress through this period because almost everything we had was paying for the upkeep of defence. I think a few people were getting sick of me around this time, when I kept asking for resources. Once it was relocated, we all managed to move on from it pretty quickly and forget about it though.

    Most Underrated: Ryder, I think that BF gave a perfect explanation on this, but I'll just add a bit of my own.

    While others helped out, Ryder has been the one who ran the show on our side. He gave everything he could for this alliance, like constantly building scouts in many villages to provide us with the intel that we needed for our operations to be successful. Without all of this, there is no way that our alliance would have been able to achieve in the way it did this server.

    I'd say up to artefact release, we did look pretty average... our raiding was good, but it was nothing that anyone hadn't seen before. But since then we have been a different class to everyone else. We dictated the server from that point on, after we collected the most artefacts, and were the alliance who utilised them in the best way. We had more hammers at our disposal than other alliances did, and the Unique Scout allowed us to use them more effectively than others did. Our defence team were second to none in the short period after artefacts where we were actually getting attacked.

    The point that I'm making is that when you look at the facts, and the events that unfolded - we have been superior to all of the other alliances that played this server. This didn't just happen. I mean, yes, we had a strong group of players, and others did help out where needed. But without Ryder was the driving force behind our movement as an alliance.

    I have no doubt that this is coming across as me being full of myself and what we have achieved, but it's the truth - all you have to do is open your eyes! We may not have won, however we knew that we wouldn't when we signed up. We didn't even take part in the endgame according to some, yet we were the biggest players in it. Ultimately, we decided the outcome of the server with the hammers that our members produced - that is something that can't be denied!

    Ryder might not have been the one who did all of this, but he was the one behind it and it wouldn't have been able to happen without him.

    Best Noob: The Muppet Show, he was the first person to be chiefed on the server after all... and oh, for some other reasons that others have already said!

    Most Overrated: Ledge, honourable mentions to Ragazzi and Tasteless. Pulse have made quite a few questionable decisions this server, which I think should never have happened. Everyone makes mistakes, but with the way that Ledge is spoken about as a leader, you wouldn't have expected this to be the case.

    Also produced an absolutely terrible endgame hammer, considering how much AA usage that he had this server. Before I get hit with the "he didn't have enough time to play because he was focusing on leading", if this had been the case then he shouldn't have even been using the AA. Pulse had limited AA (and artefact) usage generally this round, with the experience that a lot of their players had you would have expected them to have realised how important it would be to make the best out of the AA that they had. Yet they only provided us with one decent endgame hammers, hats off to Elisa, and didn't even have one rammer that was able to take down the wall before her. If Pulse knew they were a weakened team from the start, I think that the leadership should have made the decision to change up their plans a little bit, however they just used that as an excuse after their appalling show of hits on the Havoc WW.

    Memorable Moment of the server: Has to be the chiefing of the Pulse WW. When the idea was introduced, I think everyone was certain that I was going to lose my hammer with me landing first, though that didn't bother me as if it worked out then it would have been more than worth it. Even though we thought that we had messed up, I still decided to set my alarm to see the hits come in. I couldn't believe it when I saw that my hero was still alive and my hammer was on it's way home...

    Soundtrack to your server: - I imagine the chorus to be what my hero was singing on the way home from the Pulse WW...

    After all, congratulations to Pulse. They won, and that can't be changed.

    Because my post isn't long enough already, just one last thing before I end...

    I think this is the end of the road for me Travian wise, I need to focus on my A-Levels and then hopefully university come next year - and I procrastinate enough without playing this. I haven't been here all that long, but it's been fun while it lasted. I've met some great people, and wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for some of the friends that I made on other servers. Thank you all for a great server, and maybe I'll play again at some point in the future

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    Thread cleaned, please keep to topic. This thread is for the server awards only, not everyone will agree with the nominations for the awards but keep the personal attacks and insults away from the forum. Thank you!

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