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Thread: Best Defence Report of UK S3

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    Default Best Defence Report of UK S3

    Defence Reports

    If you have a good defence report to display, post it here.

    You can use to upload them.

    Please keep this thread for battle reports and limited discussion only, if it's going to be a big discussion and get political, make a new thread for it.
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    After 2 weeks of playtime this attack secured PCS the #1 Defender this week and the #2 Defender overall, at least so far.

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    UK3 - Silence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt7946 View Post
    why don't u post your people coming with 800 clubs and remaining without all of them.. then deleting? or people attacking with phalanxes?

    ur so lame. I kinda feel sorry for u.

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    Didn't include def numbers since the attacker didn't send enough troops to see them himself ^^
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