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Thread: WvV Round 54 Revenge

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    Default WvV Round 54 Revenge

    This round is all about Revenge.... Emily Thorns has come to the Hamptons to seek revenge on the Grayson's who framed her father for a crime which resulted in him dying in Prison. The thing is Emily is not her real name, she is actually Amanda Clarke.....
    David her father worked for the Grayson's but fell in love with Victoria Grayson. She betrayed him by allowing her husband Conrad to frame him due to her infidelity but what noons knows is Victoria was with child and Charlotte Grayson was born. Charlotte 21 years later finds this out and needs to decide which side she is on....

    Rules for this round are the standard rules with a few exceptions

    Please be reminded that stating your role is breaking the rules!

    Votes to be sent by PM only via the forum, no votes will be accepted by skype and must be in by 9.00pm.

    The game will start Tuesday 18th April with votes needing be sent to host by 9pm.

    All roles will be sent out Monday 17th April by 4pm, if you have not received a pm by then assume you are a normal villager.

    In this round NO LYNCH is not allowed and anyone voting no lynch will lose their right to vote the following evening.

    I will be using the format of 1: 3 wolves vs villagers.

    In this round there is a chaotic character who doesn't know which team they are on. Both villagers and wolves have a role who needs to seek this person but the character will have the powers to help or hinder either side. If this character is lynched or alpha'd* before being found and becoming a wolf or a villager, those who attacked this person with lose all powers the following evening including role powers and lynch (with exception if alpha'd the alpha will be allowed to vote for a lynch) Find this character and the team will be awarded a alpha the following evening and become a confirmed member of their new team.

    Roles this round are as followed:

    Emily Thorns - Seer
    Able to request private information about 1 player each night

    Aiden Mather's - Bodyguard
    Aiden can protect one person each night from being alpha'd

    Declan Porter- Medic
    Declan is at Medic school and therefore training, this means after night two he can only protect one person from being alpha'd on even nights

    Jack Porter -Taxi
    Jack can swap votes and alpha targets every night if he chooses the right targets

    Nolan Ross - Searcher
    Nolan has to send in a name each night of who he thinks is the chaotic, once found his role becomes a normal villager. Nolan can not die any way on the first night.

    Charlotte Grayson/Clarke - Chaotic
    Charlotte is in limbo and doesn't know who to trust, she has Allies on both teams but she needs someone to guide her to the right side (whichever that may be) Charlotte has the chance to help either side including helping to find her but may want to keep sitting on the fence. Anyone who tries to kill her before she joins a team will regret it.

    Victoria Grayson - Alpha
    Victoria can send Conrad or get her hands dirty to kill one villager a night. Victoria can not die until Conrad does. Once both Victoria and Conrad are dead any remaining wolf can alpha kill.

    Conrad Grayson - Deputy Alpha
    Conrad can alpha if Victoria is too busy and has to die before she does.

    Daniel Grayson -Seeker
    Daniel must try find his sister and bring her back to the clan. Daniel will send one name in each night. If Charlotte is found by the other team, he just becomes a normal wolf.

    Louise Ellis - Blocker
    Louise can send in a name each even night to block their role.

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