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Thread: UK3 Teuton LF for Dual Partner

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    Default UK3 Teuton LF for Dual Partner

    Hey guys,

    UK3 Teuton Account looking for another dual (2 1/2 players so far)

    • Top 100 Population (Only top 100 due to 3rd village rush)
    • Top 100 Attackers
    • High Unit/Pop ratio

    • Already 3 villages
    • 15c and 9c
    • Top Alliance
    • Raiding & Off account!
    • Strong Gold Account!

    About us:

    • Good Experience
    • Gold buyers

    • From Europe & America (Covering all online times)
    • Reduction of workload is wanted!


    • Reliable Online times

    • Gold buyer is prefered, but not required!
    • Communication tools (Skype/Whatsapp)
      Communication is key! If you dont want to communicate, this wont work out!
    • Basic Travian experience, any more is heavily welcome!
    • Certain level of maturity

      If you are interested please contact me under consti_97_g. on Skype!
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