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Thread: Spot the difference

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    Default Spot the difference

    Once the Emperor ordered his artist to copy the painting which he had in his Palace in the capital village, so that he could put the copy of his favourite picture into his residence. But seems that the Artist made some mistakes.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spotthedifference.jpg 
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    Can you find them all?

    1st player, who spots all the differences correctly will get 100 gold on his account!

    3 other players chosen randomly from those, who gave correct answers, will get 50 gold each.

    The answers are accepted till the 5th of May, 1200 p.m (Mid-Day)

    All posts are moderated so you cant see other answers. All answers will be uncovered after the competition closes

    Well done to all who entered. Winners can be found at the end of the thread

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    I count 9 things different.

    1)The line above where the bee appears to be falling downward is missing in picture #2.
    2)The box shaped house on top of the hill in the background in missing in picture #2.
    3)The clouds left of the large mountains in the background are partially missing in picture #1.
    4)The tree leaves on the right tree located just above the woman are missing in picture #1.
    5)There is a tree missing in the background near the lake in front of the Gaul's face missing in picture #2.
    6)There is a missing dot from the splash of the drink on the far left cup in picture #2.
    7)The Romans armor's left shoulder is different and missing a dot in picture #2.
    8)The Gaul's helmet is missing the point on top in picture #2.
    9)The woman's left bracelet armor is missing a crack in it in picture #2.

    Correction... add a #10 to my list... one of the peas is missing in picture #2.
    Thank you.
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    1st is a cloud in the upper left hand corner missing
    2nd there is missing a building on a grass top in the back.
    3rd there is missing a tree with the lake.
    4th the line with the bee is smaller on the lower picture. dont know what it is but theres a difference there

    im confident there are no more errors

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    there are clouds on right hand side top left of picture that do not appear in second picture

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    Looking at the bottom picture:

    building on hill in distance missing.
    tree next to lake missing (one instead of two)
    Top part of web thing above insect missing.
    extra cloud to left of mountain.
    Spike on gauls helmet missing.
    One button instead of two on Romans top (left shoulder join to front, right side as we look at it)
    Small splash above Teutons drink missing.
    Line on braclet of womans left hand missing.
    Extra leaves just above womans head.
    One extra green thing in the bowl in middle of table.

    (there's also an extra cut in the top of the loaf, but I think that is just because the bottom picture goes slightly lower than the top one)

    I am Tiny Clanger UK2
    I hope there are only ten differences and this is them :-)

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    I can see 10, ignoring the slightly off cut image at the bottom

    I can see 10, hope that's all of them (sorry for double post didn't know it would be hidden)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Untitled-1.jpg 
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    I see 9, as circled in the image below.
    There is also another, but that could just be the layout of the images, in that the second image is slightly out of alignment (seems to be pushed up the frame a bit, so that you see more of the painting at the bottom and less at the top).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spotthedifference.jpg 
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    1. Cloud upper left missing
    2. Leaf centre by roman at foot of mountain missing
    3. Black dot above far left soldiers drinking horn missing
    4. right button missing from roman
    5. white fruit below spoon missing (purple in top picture)
    6. spike missing from gauls helmet
    7. tree to right of gaul, second tree missing
    8. green pea missing from bowl at off-left centre
    9. pattern missing from womans wrist band
    10. top line above bee missing

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    Woman’s bracelet has stripe in 1 but not in other.
    There is a third cloud at the left of 1 but not in other
    Village under mountain in 1 but not in other
    Roman armour top left has a dot in 1 but not in other
    Line above bee for 1 but not in other
    Spike on gaul helmet for 1 but not in other
    Leaves batch at right of picture in 1 but not in other
    One pea more on plate in 1 but not in other
    Tree near lake in 1 but not in other
    Purple splat in Teuton drink is in 1 but not in other

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    differences are given in pic
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    Extra cloud top left
    Missing (building?) at base of mountain
    No line thing above the wasp and cloud
    Missing tree in front of lake
    Extra leaves at the bottom of the tree on the right
    Missing screw from roman's chestplate
    Missing purple juice from the gaul's drink
    Extra green pea in the bowl
    Missing spike on teuton's helmet
    Missing line from woman's wristband

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    1)The woman's bracelet.
    2)the smoke thingy over the dizzy bee.
    3)A cloud top-left is added.
    4)the pointy helmet of the gaul is round.
    5)A bean in the salad with the chicken leg is added.
    6)The building int the far back is missing.
    7)From the 2 trees beside the lake,the left one is missing.
    8)On the armor of the Roman,the left "button" that connects the breastplate with the piece of armor that covers his shoulders is missing.
    9)A drop of wine in the air over the cup of the Teuton is missing.
    10)Some leafes over the womans's head are added.

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    10 differences
    1. cloud in top left top middle
    3. horn on guys hat
    4. button on roman guys armour
    5.leaves on right tree
    6. pea in the food
    7. wine drop in left guys drink
    8.crack in girls arm band
    9.tree near village
    10. line missing on top of bee
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    Name dhe image for larger version. 

Name:	spotthedifference.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spotthedifference.jpg 
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    server uk1
    name dhe
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spotthedifference.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spotthedifference.jpg 
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    the above image was a bit higher from the lower one too

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spotthedifference_LI.jpg 
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    Could only find 9 items missing in total

    Edited entry: found a tenth difference.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spotthedifference_LI (2).jpg 
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    1: upper left cloud
    2: building on hill in background
    3: upper string of air(?) above the bee
    4: right tree at the lake
    5: leaves in the tree at the right
    6: drop of wine at most left guy
    7: lest armour pin(?) middle guy
    8: point on helmet right guy
    9: details on left bracelet woman
    10: green pea on plate

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    I want to participate in the contest. How is the procedure? Just post my findings here?
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    I can see 8 differences.

    Top left - to left of mountains, clouds missing
    Bottom of mountain - hut missing
    Legionnaires armour - stud missing from right
    Left guys drinking horn has a drop missing at top
    3rd guys helm has spike missing
    tree missing to right of 3rd guy
    part of line above bee/wasp missing
    girl has got lines missing from her bracelet

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    Default Answers

    1. Building on top of hill present in top picture.
    2. Extra droplet coming out of man on leftís drinking horn in top picture.
    3. Extra green ball (probably a pea) in bottom picture
    4. Spike missing on the man in the green topís helmet in the bottom picture
    5. There is an extra vertical line on top of the cloud above the bee in the top picture
    6. There is detail missing on the womanís golden bracelet in the bottom picture (on the wrist closest to the bottom of the picture)
    7. There is a tree missing on the shore line of the lake near to the man in the green topís moustache in the bottom picture.
    8. There is a rivet missing on the armour on the second man in from the left on the bottom picture.
    9. There is a cloud missing in the top left corner in the top picture.
    10. There is extra detail on the tree in the bottom picture, just up and to the right of the blonde womanís hair.

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    Default 10 differences!


    I found 10 differences.

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