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Thread: New player looking for an alliance

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    Default New player looking for an alliance

    Hello all,

    I am 2 days in and loving this game! Am totally hooked! However I am finding it difficult to find an Alliance, I looked in the relevent section for my server (UK3) ut there are zero posts there. What is the best way to find an alliance please?

    Kind regards

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    Hi there Zafra,

    Your best bet is looking around your local map, see who's close to you and see if you can join theirs. Try speaking to a few of the accounts around you, say you are a new player and most people will be accommodating and help you out best they can.

    You are in the SW (assuming I've found your account correctly) so Thor is the largest alliance in your quadrant, but there's also CW. You could also find a smaller alliance/create an alliance of your own and invite new players like yourself and play together that way.

    Let us know how you get on.

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    Open up the alliance page on UK3. Then look at the top alliances on the server. Then let's see who looks decent

    You need an alliance that is in the same quadrant of the server as you. If you are in the NorthEast (+/+ ), SouthEast (+/- ), SouthWest (-/- ) or NorthWest (-/+ ) you want to match up with an alliance in that quad.

    Look through the top alliances and see which alliances are in your quad. They will maybe say in their description? Otherwise open up 5-10 of their players and see what quadrant they are in.

    IMPORTANT, if 5-10 of their players are spread across 2 or more quadrants, this is not a good alliance. It is OK if they are vey close (like -5/50 for NW alliance) but if they are very spread then this alliance probably does not know what they are doing.

    So, you will now have 1-3 options for an alliance in your quadrant that looks OK. Now send a message to their leader or recruiter. IMPORTANT: travian etiquite says that a message to join an alliance has a subject "hi i'd like to join your alliance" and you put some effort into your message...

    <no subject>
    can I join

    This message is universally ignored by alliance leaders

    Say "Hi, I am new to this game but I am loving it. I am keen to listen and learn. I will download and use skype (which 100% will be a requirement of a decent alliance). e.g. let them know you will contribute to their alliance and not leach, and you are almost guaranteed to get in

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it.

    I have applied for Alliances around me and sent several messages to a few Alliances, howevet the responses I have got are short and blunt, and quite frankly pretty rude and unhelpful. I have had several replies like 'No, you are too small' & 'build a second town then you may stand a chance'. Despite making it clear i am new to the game, I have found the guys on my server not friendly at all

    Hopefully there is a friendly alliance out there..

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    Which quad are you in? As Cretin says, you need to apply to an alliance in the same quad as you. If you are on UK3 send a message in game to bum, we will help get you sorted out.
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    Thanks for the replies & advice guys, much appreciated

    Have now managed to get myself into an alliance, onwards & upwards now!


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